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    1. what other options are there for finding girls (over 18) to go out with, last time pretty much was in 2005 which was 18 years ago when taking a cousin to a school formal and have waited 18 years longer than a lot of todays generation of working age people would be happy to wait.

    how do you ask a friend or someone you know or a friend of those people to spend time with you or if they know someone, seem to be having no end of trouble finding girls.

    dont have hundreds on a escort to have company every time and its just hard when you dont really have anyone, usually a escort in south australia would pretend to be your girlfriend then you can usually have fun and not advertise and just the 2 of you consent if you see what it means.

    how do you afford escort and how do you get there or what else can you do if your car isn’t currently good enough to go to city and you may not feel comfortable explaining about especially the escort.

    would there be a way to ask someone out and how do you find out if theyre single without asking.

    what would be a short term solution until things get better.

    you see girls around similar age to you dressed up and makes you realise what you want to do and youre trying to do what baby boomers did and try and do your best with what you have until things get better.

    also sister is moving to city in a week and will have no one plus car needs at least a couple of the things done to feel comfortable taking it.

    when it comes to sex and intimate moments once you know or get to know them could you ask them how they feel about doing that and explain you understand if not ready just yet but wanted to ask

    want to occasionally have weekends in city and am getting to stage of having to think about doing it alone because of realising that the girl and even normal friends probably won’t happen anytime soon and can’t rush these things.

    2. How do you find more friends similar age that has similar interests to do things with.

    have thought of meetup site but yet to try it.

    what could be done to make it happen instant.

    seems the current friends are too busy though haven’t asked yet and have no one.

    am glad to finally be out hospitality where you can finally have a life.

    things are looking better now that am out of hospitality but however accepted that not everything is going to happen overnight and its not going to quickly fall into place.

    Also how do you catch up on business goals and personal goals when you’re behind because you stayed at old job until you couldnt do it anymore or something else happened such as a sale or closure like our parents and grandparents did and ignoring clues that it’s time to move on to something else when you just want to catch up.

    should have just done what everyone else does these days and move on from the old job but needed the money so tried to hang on, most people don’t wait until they are completely tired of job before moving on.

    Am doing well just want to catch up a little and am behind because of staying at job too long.

    How do you catch up faster.

    3. how does someone afford to get their car good enough to travel to city even if they just fixed the bare minimum to feel comfortable taking it, some people are car enthusiasts or some like what they got and some can’t afford another one just yet and some are enthusiasts and don’t have room to store old cars so they can get another daily and some are just hanging on for things to change or bit of everything.

    one thing to think of is buy the parts and save for labour to spread costs out.

    4. also want to give a update for tool room though it’s not much but it’s still a update, picked up a couple sheets of iron off side of road to go towards one side of a wall and also picked up a couple overhead cupboards off side of road too, just need to frame and line and insulate about half way up and paint floor so cupboards can atleast go in then do rest as money allows.

    if someone could please reply that’d be much appreciated

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    Hi there,

    It sounds like you've been navigating some challenging situations and have a lot of questions about how to move forward in various aspects of your life. Let's take a closer look at each of your concerns and explore some practical solutions.

    1. Finding Companionship

    First off, it's important to acknowledge that finding someone to spend time with can be tough, especially if you've been out of the dating scene for a while. But there are several avenues you can explore:

    Online Dating and Apps: With the advent of technology, online dating has become a popular and effective way to meet people. Platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid can help you find potential matches based on your interests and preferences. These apps allow you to communicate and get to know someone before meeting in person, which can ease some of the initial awkwardness.

    Social Events and Clubs: Joining clubs or attending social events related to your interests is another excellent way to meet new people. Whether it's a book club, a sports team, or a hobby group, these environments provide natural opportunities to connect with others.

    Community Involvement: Volunteering for local causes or participating in community events can also be a great way to meet people. Not only does it allow you to contribute positively to your community, but it also places you in situations where you can meet like-minded individuals.

    When it comes to asking a friend or acquaintance to spend time with you or if they know someone who might be interested, honesty and straightforwardness are key. You might say something like, "I've been thinking about getting out and meeting new people. Do you have any suggestions or know anyone who might be interested in hanging out?"

    Escorts and Financial Concerns: If considering an escort service, it's essential to be aware of the costs and logistics involved. If this is something you decide to pursue, you could budget and save gradually for this expense. As for transportation, if your car isn't reliable enough for city travel, consider public transportation or ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft.

    Short-Term Solutions: In the meantime, finding out if someone is single can be done subtly. Engage in conversations, ask about their interests, and naturally lead into questions about their social life. "Do you enjoy doing things with your partner?" can be a casual way to find out without being too direct.

    2. Making New Friends

    Making new friends can be challenging but also rewarding. Here are a few strategies:

    Meetup Groups: You've mentioned Meetup, which is a fantastic platform to find groups that match your interests. Whether it's hiking, gaming, or learning a new skill, Meetup offers various options that can help you meet people with similar hobbies.

    Instant Connections: Instant connections are rare but possible. Be open, friendly, and approachable. Small talk at cafes, bookstores, or even while waiting in line can sometimes lead to meaningful conversations and potential friendships.

    Reconnecting with Existing Friends: Sometimes, current friends may seem busy, but they might appreciate you reaching out. A simple message like, "Hey, it's been a while. Would you like to catch up sometime?" can open doors to rekindling old friendships.

    3. Catching Up on Goals

    Catching up on business and personal goals after staying in a job longer than desired can be daunting, but it's definitely achievable:

    Prioritize and Plan: Start by listing your goals and prioritizing them. Break each goal into smaller, manageable tasks. This way, you can tackle them step-by-step without feeling overwhelmed.

    Set Deadlines: Give yourself realistic deadlines for each task. This creates a sense of urgency and helps you stay focused.

    Continuous Learning: Invest time in learning new skills that can aid your progress. There are plenty of online courses and resources available that can help you gain the knowledge you need.

    4. Improving Your Car

    Ensuring your car is in good condition for travel is essential. Here are some tips to manage this:

    Budgeting: List out the repairs needed and their costs. Prioritize the most critical ones and create a budget. Buying parts gradually and saving for labor costs can make this more manageable.

    DIY Maintenance: If you're comfortable with basic car maintenance, you can save money by doing some of the work yourself. There are many online tutorials and forums that can guide you through simpler tasks.

    5. Tool Room Update

    Your tool room update sounds like a productive project! Finding materials on the roadside can be a great way to save money while making progress. Just take it one step at a time, and eventually, you'll have the space just as you want it.

    In conclusion, navigating these different aspects of life requires patience, planning, and sometimes a bit of creativity. Remember, it's okay to take small steps and celebrate your progress along the way. Each step you take brings you closer to where you want to be. Stay positive and keep moving forward. You've got this!


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      I'm happy to help you with your concerns and questions. It's great that you're taking the initiative to address these issues and seek guidance.

      Let's break down your questions and concerns into smaller, manageable topics.

      Finding Girls to Go Out With

      It's understandable that you're feeling frustrated about not having a romantic partner in your life, especially when it seems like others around you are finding relationships easily. First, let's acknowledge that it's okay to take your time and focus on yourself. You don't need to rush into anything that makes you uncomfortable.

      Instead of relying on escorts, which can be expensive and may not provide the emotional connection you're looking for, let's explore other options. Have you considered joining social clubs or groups that align with your interests? This could be a great way to meet new people, including women, who share similar passions.

      You can also try online dating platforms, but be cautious and honest about your intentions and expectations. It's essential to be respectful and considerate of others' feelings and boundaries.

      Asking a friend or acquaintance out can be nerve-wracking, but it's a great way to start building connections. You can start by asking them to grab coffee or go for a walk, keeping things casual and low-pressure. If they decline, don't take it personally and move on.

      To find out if someone is single, you can try asking mutual friends or acquaintances discreetly. Alternatively, you can try to get to know them better through conversations and see if there's a mutual interest.

      Short-Term Solution

      In the short term, focus on building your self-confidence and self-worth. Engage in activities that make you happy, and work on becoming the best version of yourself. This will help you feel more attractive and confident, which can, in turn, attract others to you.

      Communicating with Potential Partners

      When it comes to sex and intimate moments, it's essential to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. You can ask them how they feel about it, and be respectful of their boundaries and decisions. Remember, consent is key, and it's crucial to prioritize your partner's comfort and well-being.

      Finding Friends with Similar Interests is a great resource to find people with similar interests. You can also try joining Facebook groups or online forums related to your hobbies. Attend events, join clubs, or participate in activities that align with your passions, and you'll increase your chances of meeting like-minded people.

      Catching Up on Business and Personal Goals

      It's great that you're acknowledging the importance of catching up on your goals. To do so, break down your goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Create a schedule and prioritize your tasks, focusing on the most critical ones first.

      You can also try to identify areas where you can improve your skills or knowledge, and invest in courses or training programs to help you catch up. Remember, it's okay to take things one step at a time, and don't be too hard on yourself if you don't see immediate results.

      Affording Car Repairs

      To afford car repairs, consider setting aside a budget each month for maintenance and repairs. You can also try to buy parts and save for labor to spread out the costs. Additionally, look for affordable repair shops or mechanics who can help you get your car in good condition without breaking the bank.

      Tool Room Update

      It's great to hear that you're making progress on your tool room! Keep up the good work, and remember to celebrate your small wins along the way. You're taking steps towards creating a space that brings you joy and fulfillment, and that's something to be proud of.

      Remember, my friend, you're not alone in your struggles. It's okay to take things one step at a time, and don't be too hard on yourself if you don't see immediate results. Focus on building your self-confidence, engaging in activities that bring you joy, and being open to new experiences and connections. You got this!