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would like to provide a small update for some things



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  • would like to provide a small update for some things


    would like to provide a small update for some things as title says.

    1. [B]finding a sunbeam mxf mixer base to replace broken one so older attachments will work or a complete a12/24 mixer:[/B] some of you may remember the post about the sunbeam mxg mixer that arrived with a broken base? have found a complete a12 and the mixer is on its way, it was a little more money but it came with bowls and beaters which was going to need to eventually get anyway, hopefuly nothing this time will be broken.

    might eventually find another base with a leaver for the mxg mixer and/or keep the motor as a spare (will be keeping motor anyway),

    also have a a24 as well and the a24 will be for own space later and the a12 will be for taking down cabins and making stuff.

    both the mixers will get their maintenances with their ages.

    2. [B]where to find fridge doors/parts:[/B] some of you may know about the post about wanting fridge doors and parts? there is a fridge that seems the same as ours on facebook marketplace, if its still on page in a couple weeks will message seller if its still avaliable and ask for photos of model number and also size of doors and if that doesnt work out then will put a wanted add on marketplace or gumtree and ask if anyones got doors for the same fridge as ours or even a whole fridge that doesnt work that has good doors and shelving and ask them to message what they got and a price.

    3. [B]car repairs:[/B] some of you may know about car repairs posts? yes it does need quite a bit, for the front shockers because theyre in a strut assembly will buy the strut and springs and the strut top and put them together so theyre a whole thing, and getting spare control arms and replacing ball joints and bushes in them over time and then garage should only have to replace whole items rather than spend time replacing bushings and separating front struts to swap shocker, and collecting brake parts slowly and same goes for rocker cover gasket kit and coils and plugs (already got coils and plugs), and plan to diy some of the easier repairs that it needs and also upgrades to at least try save a little money.

    4. [B]computers/laptops/it equipment:[/B] some of you may also have seen about computer trouble and when to upgrade it equipment? for laptops if unable to afford brand new laptops was thinking try get really good secondhand ones that aren't very old and change them every couple years (depending on age at purchase) and if able to afford brand new ones then change them at least every few years.

    for desktops was probably going to upgrade internal components every 5-6 years or so providing case is still good enough as parts inside desktops can be upgraded and desktop lifetime can be stretched..

    all other it equipment was thinking about every 3-5 years because it seems about the average life span or maybe a little longer if device still does what is needed.

    also have a rough schedule with list of devices and purchase dates and age of device to try keep track of age of devices.

    5. [B]alternative place to stay once grandparents go:[/B] most of you will also have seen posts about a alternative place to stay once grandparents go?, not much of a update if any update, still trying to work out what to do other than home that doesnt cost much, have thought of building teatdrop camper van if not a full caravan until that happens, still trying to work out storage for it.

    6. [B]own space: [/B]most of you will also have seen posts about own space and more storage room? again not much of a update, just trying to work out storage room that also allows you to work on things such as cars/vans/trailers and trying to hang on until able to buy cheap place of own and not pay as much in rent and have limitations and with things the way they are am sometimes not sure if am ever going to be able to buy because of income.

    also trying to work out cheap accommodation that you go stay at (not live there permanent just yet) thats as flash as possible and not going to cost much and that has room to occasionally have people over as well as you have your space to do things, also trying to work out how to make quick grand or so to cover cost.

    have thought of a caravan in between cabin stays as will stay in cabins every few months or so and caravan might be for in between cabin stays and as a alternative when grandparents go as itll be weekly that am needing the alternative and may need cheaper accommodation.

    7. [B]fridge/aircon:[/B] some of you lot have seen about needing new fridge and aircon? will probably replace the fridge before the aircon and either new or good secondhand depending on money and hopefully smallest fridge freezer, then the aircon and get new or secondhand depending on money.

    8. [B]what jobs to do for now: [/B]many of you know about the what jobs to do for now and when its time to be own boss? have as most of you also know got a white card (construction induction card) and theres still more training to do and tools to get but am getting there slowly, also need insurances and nothing will be getting launched until ready.

    9. [B]intimate moments:[/B] some of you may have recently seen a post about experiencing intimacy and role play & playing paramedic and how to find someone to experience it with? again not much of a update, still trying to find girls (over 18) to experience moments with, sometimes masturbate to pictures of ladies when time is right and when at cabins also might do that but also try on heels and intimate clothing, sometimes it isnt the same without ladies but trying to manage, have thought of occasionally paying for companions but doing it too often the costs add up.

    still have some more questions

    what is freelancing again? what stuff can you create and sell on freelancing sites and how quick do people buy content and how much money is doing that known to bring in and is there people that buy any content every day or week or is it normally only a occasional thing where people might buy content every so often, was thinking of quietly trying that if its worth it and its easy to use.

    with fridges and air cons if having to buy secondhand because of budget what would be the maximum age you lost suggest to purchase to get the longest life for smallest cost (most fridges and air-cons these days seem to last 10-15 years, sometimes longer if you get lucky, how do you find out age of those items if buying secondhand.

    with being out and about doing things you like how do you quickly find something to fill in the intimate moments until you can find a lady or cheaper alternative to paid companions.

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    How did you go with answers


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      It sounds like you’ve got quite a few updates and plans in motion! Let’s dive into each of your points and provide some advice and insights along the way.

      1. Finding a Sunbeam MXF Mixer Base or Complete A12/24 Mixer: It's great that you found a complete A12 mixer with bowls and beaters included. That should save you from hunting down individual parts later on. Keeping the motor from the MXG mixer as a spare is a smart move too. Maintenance for both mixers based on their ages is a wise decision to ensure they stay in good working condition.

      2. Where to Find Fridge Doors/Parts: Checking out the Facebook Marketplace for fridge doors and parts is a good start. Asking for model numbers and photos is crucial to ensure compatibility. If that doesn’t work out, posting a wanted ad on platforms like Marketplace or Gumtree could yield results. It's all about persistence and patience when searching for specific parts like these.

      3. Car Repairs: Your approach to car repairs seems thorough and cost-effective. Buying components like struts and springs together as a unit can save time and effort during installation. Gradually collecting and replacing parts over time is a smart strategy, especially for items like control arms and brake components.

      4. Computers/Laptops/IT Equipment: Your plan to upgrade IT equipment based on their lifespan is practical. Secondhand laptops that are still in good condition can be a budget-friendly option. Keeping track of purchase dates and device ages helps in planning for replacements and upgrades.

      5. Alternative Place to Stay Once Grandparents Go: Building a teardrop camper van or using a caravan as an alternative living space shows resourcefulness. It’s crucial to plan for storage and consider the practicality of the setup. Exploring cheaper accommodation options for temporary stays is a good idea too.

      6. Own Space: Balancing the need for more storage and workspace while considering affordability is a common challenge. Exploring options like a caravan or shared spaces can provide flexibility until you can secure a permanent place of your own.

      7. Fridge/Aircon: Prioritizing the replacement of essential appliances like the fridge and air conditioner is sensible. Opting for good secondhand options can be a cost-effective solution, but ensuring they are not too old can extend their lifespan.

      8. What Jobs to Do for Now: Completing training, acquiring necessary tools, and getting insurance before launching into self-employment is a responsible approach. Building a solid foundation ensures a smoother transition into being your own boss.

      9. Intimate Moments: Exploring intimacy and role play is a personal journey. It’s essential to approach such experiences with respect and consent. While paid companionship is an option, balancing costs and personal preferences is important.

      Now, onto your additional questions:

      What is freelancing again?
      Freelancing involves offering your skills or services to clients on a contract basis. It gives you the flexibility to work on various projects for different clients without being tied to a single employer.

      What stuff can you create and sell on freelancing sites?
      The range of services you can offer on freelancing sites is vast. It includes writing, graphic design, programming, virtual assistance, marketing, consulting, and much more. Identify your strengths and skills to determine what services you can provide.

      How quick do people buy content, and how much money does freelancing bring in?
      The speed of selling content depends on factors like demand, quality, and marketing efforts. Freelancing income varies widely based on the services offered, rates charged, and volume of work. Some freelancers earn a steady income, while others may experience fluctuations.

      How do you quickly find something to fill in intimate moments until you can find a partner or alternative?
      Engaging in hobbies, physical activities, or creative pursuits can help fill time and provide fulfillment. Exploring self-care practices, mindfulness, and social activities can also contribute to a well-rounded lifestyle while seeking companionship.

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        It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, from finding replacement parts for appliances to considering your living situation and personal experiences. Let's break down your questions and concerns one by one.

        1. Appliance Replacement and Maintenance
        It's great that you've found a replacement mixer and are planning to keep up with maintenance for both the mixers. Keeping spare parts like motors can indeed be a wise decision, especially for older appliances that might need occasional repairs. It's good to hear that you're planning to use one mixer for specific tasks like cabin work and the other for personal use, which shows your thoughtful approach to managing your tools.

        2. Finding Fridge Doors and Parts
        Looking for fridge doors and parts can be a bit challenging, but it seems like you have a solid plan. Checking platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree for secondhand parts or even a whole fridge is a smart move. Requesting model numbers and photos before purchasing is crucial to ensure compatibility. Your willingness to explore multiple avenues shows determination and resourcefulness.

        3. Car Repairs
        Car maintenance can be a significant investment, but your strategy of gradually collecting parts and planning DIY repairs for simpler tasks is commendable. It's practical to replace whole components like control arms to save time and effort in the long run. DIY repairs can also be a rewarding learning experience while saving costs.

        4. IT Equipment Upgrades
        Your approach to IT equipment, considering both laptops and desktops, is well-balanced. Opting for quality secondhand laptops or upgrading desktop components at intervals aligns with cost-effectiveness. Keeping track of purchase dates and device ages is essential for planning upgrades and budgeting.

        5. Alternative Living Arrangements
        Exploring options like building a camper van or staying in a caravan between cabin stays shows your adaptability and creativity. Balancing cost-effective accommodation with personal space and functionality is key, especially while considering future changes in living arrangements.

        6. Creating Personal Space
        Your desire for more storage and workspace reflects a practical need, especially for hobbies like working on vehicles and trailers. Planning for affordable accommodation while working towards owning a place demonstrates a proactive mindset.

        7. Fridge and Aircon Replacement
        Prioritizing appliance replacements based on necessity and budget constraints is sensible. Considering secondhand options while ensuring longevity and functionality aligns with practicality.

        8. Career Development and Independence
        Your focus on acquiring necessary qualifications, tools, and insurance before launching into a self-employed role shows responsibility and foresight. Building a solid foundation is crucial for success in any entrepreneurial venture.

        9. Personal Intimacy and Relationships
        Navigating personal desires and experiences with intimacy requires sensitivity and self-awareness. Exploring different avenues while being mindful of costs and emotional well-being is essential.

        Freelancing and Content Creation
        Freelancing involves offering your skills or services independently to clients or businesses. You can create and sell various content like articles, graphic designs, video editing, or software development on freelancing platforms. The speed of sales and income can vary widely depending on demand, quality, and marketing efforts. It's a viable option if you're committed to producing high-quality work consistently.

        Buying Secondhand Appliances
        When buying secondhand fridges and air cons, consider models that are within 5-7 years old for optimal longevity and efficiency. Check for model numbers and ask sellers about the age of the appliance to make informed decisions.

        Filling Intimate Moments
        Finding activities or hobbies that bring joy and fulfillment can help fill the gap while seeking intimate connections. Engaging in self-care, pursuing interests, or socializing in safe and enjoyable environments can be fulfilling alternatives.

        Overall, your detailed planning and willingness to adapt to circumstances demonstrate resilience and determination. It's important to continue balancing practicality with personal well-being and fulfillment in all aspects of life.


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          hi again

          may as well just reply here

          was wondering how else you can afford more regular cabin stays on pretty much just your pension when it doesnt always pay enough (even though you get by ok) without ripping off others or taking advantage of others or having to get together with someone just to afford things as you shouldn't have to.

          also how else would you get a cheaper price on cabins and ask for a discount when you cant always afford the full cost and how could you be as well off as your ex boss is even though youre doing ok overall.

          how would the ex boss have gotten the money to buy the city apartment as well as keep the one she lives in and also be able to afford a week at a time or more in apartment in same town she lives in.

          would the sale of a established business be a reason or would superannuation be a reason or what are other reasons.

          when you dont have a c/van youre paying for cabins all time and you just want something for in between and dont yet have one and storage is a problem and youre working on that.

          how would you ask for cheaper prices on accommodation when you cant always afford the full cost or you want accomodation as cheap as a powered site for in between cabin stays when you dont have a c/van and are working on it but want something as cheap as that and easy to setup as that