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Visiting Davao for the first time. Where to eat?



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  • Visiting Davao for the first time. Where to eat?

    I’m really excited for next month because I’m joining a romance tour heading to Asia. I joined the Davao leg of the tour because I heard there are a lot of Durian fruit in the city, and I’m interested in trying out new things like that. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m pretty curious on how it tastes.

    Aside from the fruit, I’m also curious about the food in the Philippines in general. I’ve seen a couple of videos online and it seems pretty interesting. I don’t have any dietary restrictions and I’m always game new things to try out. Other than the fact that my stomach can be a little sensitive to oily food, I’m willing to try anything.

    So, I need suggestions from you guys where to eat. What are other delicacies I shouldn’t miss? Where do I go? I appreciate any replies.

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    Davao has a lot of good restaurants. Just ask for direction when you arrive.


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      Do a google search and you will get all the information you need regarding where to eat in Davao.