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I Got Pregnant At 17 and My Mom Was Mad At Me



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  • I Got Pregnant At 17 and My Mom Was Mad At Me

    i got pregnant at 17... had my 1st baby at 18. got pregnant again at 18. had my 2nd baby at 19.. when i told my mom. she called me every name in the book. When I got pregnant with my 2nd baby, I did not tell my mom cause of what happen the 1st time.. My daughter and I went to my half sister's in tennesse . and my sister knew something was going on with me and she made me take a pregnancy test and she made me call my mom and tell her.. I was about 4 months along already. So I called and told her and she starting crying and did not say much.. she was mad at me again even more now. I did not really have family support. I did everything on my own. work two jobs to support my baby's. I was a single mom to both of my baby's for a long time. It was hard work, jungle 2 jobs, daycare, school, and sports but i did it and very proud of myself and would not change it for nothing. my kids are my world. But I was extremely happy with both of my pregnancy's..and even though I did not have family support really. I still made it and my baby's are well taking care of. and now my baby's are 13 and 12. and amazing.

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    That was an inspiring story, glad to know you made it at last.


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      We are expecting our frist child . His mom already knows ( he left his Facebook open and she went on it and just at that time we were talking about how we are going to them .. Well his mom is still upset and disappointed ,etc . Now his mom hasn't let him in his Facebook since then. She was going to call my parents but she said she's giving me n my boyfriend a week to tell my parents and if we don't she's going to . I'm upset bout the way she found out ..... And she found re we planned to tell them ..... I'm more scared of my mom because she has accused us of having sex before , I'm just honestly really scared.. We have to tell them this weekend .... I have bad anxiety so I know all the stress I'm under isn't good . But I know my parents won't be like your mom ...


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        Hi Rachael,

        I guess you know why your parents are mad at you, you got pregnant at a very young age.
        And i was so proud of you taking care of your babies doing jobs and stuff,

        But as for your parent, time will come that they will contact you and look for their grandchildren.
        What they were feeling right now is sadness that their daughter got pregnant at a very young age, It feels like they're disappointed by their selves that you didn't finish college and they didn't see that you reach your dreams.


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          i got pregnant at 15 1/2 and my family reacted the same as yours. they told me to get married and move in with my boyfriend or his family before i showed. they said they didn't want the family name tainted with underage pregnancy issues. fortunately my boyfriend and his family took me in immediately and we were married the following week. my boyfriend said he would marry and support me but would not be faithful all the time. he afford me the same privilege so i agreed since i had nowhere else to go. i have not seen my parents in three years at thier request