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My baby father do not care about my son



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  • My baby father do not care about my son

    Hey guys

    I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time out to give me your advice and option on my situation I appreciate you!

    My son is 5 years old . Me and his dad separated because of cheating lies & hurt . His father had another baby and that child is 1 years old ..

    my son father lives at home wit the other baby he’s there for his other son . You can say that he’s a good father so far . But for my situation he’s a horrible dad

    I always have to fight him on the time he spends wit his son for example .. he see my son 1 afternoon in a week of 7 for a few hours .. he pick him up from school and he’s suppose to take him to the mother house because I do not want my son sleeping any where else .. we agreed to that . But every time he picks up my son he never give him that one on one time he always bring him over to the girls house.. I understand that Jamel has a brother and there is nothing wrong with him going over there to be with his brother but it’s sad

    That he’s always wit the baby but he’s never giving my son that father son time that he needs .. if he was coming to see Jamel and spend time wit him and he wanted to bring him there some times I wouldn’t have say anything

    Well I realize that what he does ever week so I left it alone .. anyways last Wednesday he picked my son up from summer school and he took him to sum one house and he didn’t tell me that My son did not sleep by his grand mom so 1 I didn’t know where my son was .. untop of all that he didn’t took him to summer school nor did he inform me that Jamel wasn’t at school so I when down to the school to pick my son up and he wasn’t there . I’m calling him and he’s not answering and to make matters worst when he finally decided bring him he has 4 bruises on his face.

    1.A cut under his eyes 2. A bump on his head 3 . A dig near his mouth 4 . A scrape by his hair line .... he didn’t even had the decency to inform me that my son got injured . So I was already pissed

    And then only to find out didn’t bathe my son in a day and half nor brush his teeth.

    He do not communicate to me .

    So now I’m on fire and I feel if I don’t take this seriously he going to do more worst

    Things so I decide he’s not going to pick up my son he can only visit . Until he shows me he’s going to do better then he can have him

    And untop of all that I got to fight him for money for food .. he didn’t even ask me if I need money for his school cloths .. nothing nor has he bought cloths one thing for summer . He don’t even try to teach him to play ball or ride a bike nothing

    I feel like I keeping him away he might get comfortable and not come around do u think I’m making the right move ? Please I needs your advice