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    theres some updates and also have questions.


    1. love doll: was wondering wether those inflatable silicone love dolls are the closest you’ll get to the real feel of a woman or the second closest? reason for wondering is because while the full doll with skeleton does have the real feel of a woman or is closest that you’ll get am unable to afford the doll plus home isn’t private enough plus the skeleton doll might be heavy and hard to transport and had come up with the silicone inflatable doll (the more expensive one to the cheap ones) and wondered wether that’s a good compromise.

    plus a doll is closest that am going to get to sleeping with a girl and intimate times for a while probably.

    plus there’s no escorts locally either.

    2. xbox original and xbox 360 and xbox one: was wondering wether you can play xbox one games on a xbox 360 and/or wether you can rip and download games to a hard drive on the xbox 360 or will you need a xbox one and is the oldest xbox one ok for playing all xbox one games.

    seen on youtube where someone is upgrading hdd in original xbox and mod chipping it to be able to load games to hdd and play disks too.

    is 4tb hdd ok for the xbox original upgrade for games/apps/game saves.

    early xbox ones are so cheap now and it’s worth looking into one at some point.

    3. nintendo and atari: for the nintendo and atari and sega am planning to convert to av and was wondering wether to keep the original dc sockets or wether to convert to usb-c, would rather look original if possible and where the rf socket was you can get mini din sockets to be able to have av in the original hole.

    for the old retro games could you build a mini pc and emulation or is original better for collection.

    4. playstation: if you had a ps3 or ps4 will the consoles play games from that model and older or only that model games, will a playstation 4 for example play only play station 4 games or will they play original ps and ps2 and ps3 games.

    5. with the network attached storage what program is best to stream videos off the network hdd when watching on each device.

    have heard of plex and jellyfin and thought about trying plex.

    when you use plex and you go to your media, what would you install in the nas to detect it in plex.

    incase the hdd goes how would you back up the hdd onto another and mirror the 2 together.

    if one of the mirrored hdds goes and you replace it how do you mirror them again so new one has it as well together with other.

    also with mirrored hdd how do you tell that one of them has gone.


    1. trailer: have found a tailgate for front and back however they been cut back n half and bent and have to weld back together which isn’t a problem.

    2. xbox upgrade: for the original xbox have ordered a secondhand 4 tb hdd to do upgrade one plus because the installs can be done or has to be done while the hdd is out console will be able to do installs before putting back together plus have a sata to usb adaptor to do it.

    for the xbox one have found a early xbox one with disk drive at local cash zone and will get one there if avaliable when ready or might speak to owner as know them well and ask to hold it and will pick up sometime before it closes so it doesn’t get transferred to another store, they don’t have cords or controllers but that’s ok will find them.

    otherwise will look elsewhere and get it there.

    found a few sheets of iron for shed to do wall and corner where switchboard is going to go for now so there can be power.

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    Love Doll Inquiry

    When considering a silicone inflatable love doll, it’s important to weigh the benefits and limitations. These dolls, especially the higher-end models, are designed to mimic the feel of human skin closely. They offer a significant advantage in terms of affordability and portability compared to full-skeleton dolls. The lightweight nature and ease of storage make them an appealing option, especially if your living situation lacks privacy or space.

    While they might not provide the same level of realism as full-skeleton dolls, the silicone material used in inflatable versions can still offer a satisfying tactile experience. This makes them a viable compromise if you're seeking intimacy and companionship but are constrained by budget and logistical concerns. Remember, these dolls can be an investment in your emotional well-being, offering a semblance of intimacy during times when human companionship is scarce.

    Xbox Gaming Systems

    Regarding Xbox consoles, there are significant differences between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in terms of game compatibility and features. Unfortunately, you cannot play Xbox One games on an Xbox 360. The architecture and technology of the Xbox One are vastly different from those of the Xbox 360, making backward compatibility for newer games impossible. However, the Xbox One offers backward compatibility for a selection of Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. This makes it a versatile option if you want to enjoy a broad library of games.

    For ripping and downloading games to a hard drive on the Xbox 360, it’s possible but limited. You can install games from discs to the hard drive to improve load times, but the disc still needs to be in the tray to play the game. Upgrading an original Xbox with a larger HDD and a modchip allows you to store games directly on the hard drive, which can be more convenient. A 4TB HDD is a great choice for this upgrade, providing ample space for games, apps, and saves.

    Nintendo, Atari, and Sega Systems

    When converting classic gaming systems like Nintendo, Atari, and Sega to AV output, maintaining the original look can be important for collectors. Keeping the original DC sockets can help preserve the authentic appearance. Using mini DIN sockets for AV in the original RF socket hole is a clever way to upgrade the systems while keeping them visually similar to their original state.

    Building a mini PC for emulation is a fantastic way to enjoy a wide variety of retro games without needing the original hardware. Emulators have come a long way and can offer high compatibility and performance. However, for collectors and enthusiasts, nothing beats the experience of playing on original hardware. If preserving the original gaming experience is important to you, sticking with the original systems and upgrading them as needed would be the best approach.

    PlayStation Consoles

    For PlayStation consoles, backward compatibility varies by model. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) primarily plays PS4 games and does not support discs from earlier PlayStation generations like the PS3, PS2, or PS1. Sony has offered some older games digitally through the PlayStation Store, but physical backward compatibility is limited. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) models vary; some early models can play PS2 and PS1 games, but later models only support PS3 and PS1 games. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is backward compatible with most PS4 games, but like the PS4, it does not support older discs.

    Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    For streaming videos from a network HDD, Plex and Jellyfin are excellent options. Plex is widely recognized for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, making it a popular choice. To set up Plex, you would install the Plex Media Server on your NAS. This server software will catalog your media, making it accessible across your devices.

    Backing up your NAS is crucial. You can use RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations to mirror your drives, ensuring data redundancy. If one drive fails, the data remains safe on the other drive. To mirror a new HDD, you typically replace the faulty drive and let the RAID system rebuild the data onto the new drive. Monitoring your RAID setup is essential; most NAS systems provide alerts if a drive fails, ensuring you can act promptly to replace it.

    Updates on Your Projects

    It's great to hear about your progress with the trailer and Xbox upgrade projects. Welding the tailgates back together sounds like a solid plan, and it’s good to know you’re comfortable with the necessary repairs. Upgrading your original Xbox with a 4TB HDD is an excellent choice, providing plenty of storage for your games and apps.

    Securing an early Xbox One from your local cash zone, even without cords or controllers, can be a smart move. As you know the owner, it might be easier to hold onto it until you’re ready. Finding compatible cords and controllers later is generally straightforward.

    Your plan to use iron sheets for the shed's walls and corner, especially around the switchboard, will ensure your workspace is more functional and safe, allowing you to focus on your restoration and upgrade projects with a stable power source.

    Overall, it sounds like you have well-thought-out plans for your gaming systems and projects. If you have more questions or need further advice, feel free to ask!


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      I understand you have several questions and updates you'd like to discuss. I'll do my best to provide thorough and thoughtful answers to each of your inquiries.

      Regarding your questions about love dolls, I appreciate your openness in discussing this sensitive topic. The choice of using an intimate product like a love doll is a very personal one, and there are a number of factors to consider. While these dolls may provide a physical approximation of intimacy, it's important to remember that they cannot replace the emotional and social aspects of a real human connection. The feel and experience will not be exactly the same as being with a real person.

      That said, if this is something you feel could provide some fulfillment for you, the inflatable silicone dolls may be a reasonable compromise, especially if the full-size skeletal dolls are not feasible for your situation. The silicone dolls can offer a more lifelike sensation than cheaper options. However, you'll want to carefully research the quality and features to ensure you're getting a product that meets your needs and expectations. It's also wise to consider the emotional impact and potential downsides of relying on an inanimate object for intimacy.

      Regarding your questions about gaming consoles, there are some key differences in compatibility between the Xbox models. The Xbox One is not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. However, the Xbox 360 can play many original Xbox games through backwards compatibility. As for upgrading the hard drive, this is certainly possible on the original Xbox, and a 4TB drive should provide ample storage space. Just be mindful of the modding process and ensure you follow instructions carefully.

      For the newer Xbox One console, the older "launch" models may have limited backwards compatibility compared to the later revisions. Your best bet is to research the specific model you're considering to understand its capabilities. Additionally, be aware that game files cannot simply be transferred between Xbox 360 and Xbox One - you'll need to purchase or re-download the titles on the newer console.

      When it comes to retro gaming systems like Nintendo, Atari, and Sega, there are a few options to consider. Maintaining the original hardware and ports can certainly preserve the authentic aesthetic and experience. However, emulation on a mini PC can also provide a convenient way to play these classic games, often with additional features and functionality. The choice between original hardware and emulation really comes down to your personal preferences and priorities.

      For PlayStation compatibility, the story is a bit more straightforward. The PS4 is able to play most PS4 games, but does not have backwards compatibility with PS3, PS2, or original PlayStation titles. The PS3, on the other hand, can play games from the PS1 and PS2 eras through backwards compatibility. So if you want to enjoy a broader library of PlayStation classics, the PS3 may be the better choice.

      Regarding your questions about network-attached storage (NAS) and media streaming, Plex is indeed a popular and capable solution. To have Plex detect your media library on the NAS, you'll need to ensure the media files are organized in a way that Plex can recognize (typically by title, year, and other metadata). Plex also offers optional plugins and libraries to enhance the media discovery and playback experience.

      For data redundancy and backup, mirroring your NAS drives is a smart approach. Many NAS devices have built-in tools to monitor the status of your drives and alert you if one fails. When replacing a failed drive, the mirroring process can usually be reestablished automatically or with minimal intervention, ensuring your data remains protected.

      Turning to your updates, it's great that you've found a solution for the trailer repairs. The ability to weld the tailgate components back together should provide a solid and functional outcome.

      Your plans for upgrading the original Xbox with a larger hard drive sound well-considered. Having the flexibility to install the new drive externally before reassembling the console is a wise approach. And finding an early Xbox One console at a local store could be a cost-effective way to upgrade your gaming setup.

      Overall, I commend your diligence in researching and planning these various upgrades and improvements. It's clear you're putting a lot of thought into optimizing your tech and gaming experiences. I'm happy to have provided some guidance and perspective on the different options and considerations. Please let me know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.