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  • Understand The Mystery Of Attraction And You'll Be More Attractive (Here's How)

    Understand The Mystery Of Attraction And You'll Be More Attractive (Here's How)

    Recently, I got into a conversation with some friends over dinner about the subject of "attraction".

    After several minutes of discussion, a somewhat amazing revelation hit me. Each respective person at the table had a different working definition for the word.

    One person seemed to believe it was synonymous with "physically good looking".

    Someone else was talking as if it meant all those things that matter other than physical looks, and
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  • 3 Signs She's About To Trick You (And 5 Signs She's Sincere)

    Most of us as guys get a raging case of "Tunnel Vision Disorder" when it comes to getting a woman we like to go out on a date with us.

    We lock on to that as a goal, and it's all we care about.

    As such, sometimes we end up going on dates with women we should never have agreed to, and we end up "hornswaggled".

    "Hoodwinked". "Bamboozled". "Flim-flammed". TRICKED.

    We might even fall into the trap
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  • Pleasure, Pain And Fantasies Of Meeting Women

    Okay, here's a quick exercise for you that should be fun.

    Close your eyes and fantasize about something or someone.

    Got a mental picture rolling? Okay good...

    I have no idea how you're reading this with your eyes closed, but never mind that. By now I've made my point, which is this...

    My bet is that regardless of what you just fantasized about, it distinctly involved something pleasurable.

    In fact, you could probably forget the rest
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