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  • dealing with!!

    Good day. I would just like to conduct a survey mostly for married couples living on their own.

    How often do you or your partner speak and see your family (parents/siblings/ etc)?

    My husband cant stop talking to his family almost everyday and keeps going to his moms place almost every weekend. It may not be a big deal for some but even when we would live together before getting married, thats how he has always been. He assured me that things would change once we get married but it hasnt. I dont feel like we're married. It feels more like he's just playing house. Just asking for some insights. Thanks.

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    I'm sorry to hear that.
    But honestly, if it was his behaviour before you were married, I'm not surprised he's continued the behaviour.

    Have you had a conversation with him about how it feels to you that he is gone so often, and that he's not actively participating around the house and with the marriage?


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      I don't have any parents anymore, but my husbands visits his mom once in 3 months. That's probably because we live in a different state from his mother.


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        He is still very much attached to his mom and there is really nothing you can do about that. The only thing that can be done to change this is to make him stay far away from his parents, if possible a different state.