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Worried on communiation please help.



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  • Worried on communiation please help.

    Hi pals, imet this boyfriend of mine in a social tour 8 months ago. he really sounds a good man to me whenever i massage him he dont hesitate to respond though sometimes i have to msg him twice before he responds. By meanind a gud man weve talked about how we are going to settle down and on that issue he proposed an idea of opening a business in my country sothat we can have acces to each other anytime. The problem behind me am the one who always starts the chart but immediately i msg him we can talk for even 3 hrs. sometimes i feel not to start the chart and it takes around 2 days before he comes back to me. I know he loves me and he always tells me about what he does but thats the only thing i far weve not met but we are going to meet in Aprill as he will be coming to my country.. and in addition whenever i correct him he dont hesitate to apologise but after a short duration he repeats the same mistake that is after he make delay on reppling to my messages. so shoull i tell him about how i feel needs your advises pals. S orry for poor english.

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    When you're dating a guy and he doesn't call the main thing you're thinking about in that moment is how you're going to react when you do talk to him. There's a very fine line between disappointment and anger in a situation like this. If you wait hours past the promised time of his call and then you call him when you're in a frustrated mood, that's going to come across to him. He may tell you that you're overreacting or he may just decide that he doesn't want to talk with you right then. Quite often the real reason men don't call is they simply forget to. Getting mad at a man for this isn't going to accomplish anything. He'll silently think you're putting too much emphasis on a phone call and also, he'll realize that your life revolves around him and hearing from him. You don't want any man to ever reach that conclusion about you.

    So what's the best thing you can do if your boyfriend doesn't call you as often as you'd like? Stop calling him altogether. He knows you'll do the calling and he knows that he doesn't have to. If you stop taking on the role of the caller in the relationship he'll have no choice but to start calling you. It sounds like very simple advice. It does work but the challenge comes in following through with it. Most women don't have the willpower to do it, but if you can stop calling, you'll find he'll start calling before you know it.


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      When I was in a dating relationship I'd often think to myself that my boyfriend rarely calls me. So what did I do when I started thinking about it, I'd call him to talk about it. That is a big mistake. If your guy doesn't call when he says he will or he just doesn't call much at all, the worst thing you can do is call him. But it's what we typically do as women. We feel disconnected from our boyfriend so we call him to feel close to him again. Then later we get a bit frustrated when we realize we were the ones who called yet again. You can stop this emotionally draining cycle by doing just one thing. If you stop calling your boyfriend, he will start calling you. It's truly as simple as that.

      It's not an easy approach to take though so you need to be a bit tough on yourself. The easiest way to resist the urge to call your boyfriend is to get out and do other things. Focus on other areas of your life, be it working out more or going out with friends. You need to make him feel as though you're slowly slipping away from him. Once he realizes that he hasn't heard from you for a bit, he'll call and he'll keep calling as long as you don't. Unless you show him that you're not always sitting around waiting to talk to him, he'll want to talk to you more.