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My online girlfriend wants to travel with me. I'm planning to propose by then.



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  • My online girlfriend wants to travel with me. I'm planning to propose by then.

    My online girlfriend wants to travel with me. I'm planning to propose by then. Is it a good idea?

    I currently am in a relationship with a woman online on a website called A Foreign Affair. She’s currently living in Ukraine and I live in the United States. She’s planning on coming here for a month to take a trip around the country for vacation.

    We’ve been dating for 3 years now and we’ve already met a couple of times in Ukraine. She thinks it’s about time she comes over here to visit me and spend some time touring around from state to state.

    She’s been saving up quite an amount for this trip, and I could not be happier. This pushed me to make the final decision to propose. I want to make sure that I’ll be making the right move, I want to do it right.

    I’m not much of a Romeo but I do feel like we’re ready to spend the rest of our lives together. I could not think of anyone else but this woman.

    I want to plan my future with her and I’m sure we’ll both be happy together. My only problem now is how I would execute my proposal and if everything is a good idea. Would I need any necessary group of people like photographers, videographers, or planners?

    Should I just bring her somewhere quiet and propose to her? I want everything to be perfect and romantic. Any advice and suggestions would be a huge help. Thanks so much in advance you guys! Can’t wait to hear from you folks!

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    Go ahead! It's absolutely the right time to propose to her.


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      While it will be a good idea to propose to her when you travel with her, it's best to propose to a woman in front of your friends.


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        I think the type of proposal varies from woman to woman.

        Personally I wouldn't like to be proposed to in a public spot or in front of a crowd of our friends. I'd much rather have that moment be intimate between me and my partner, and ideally some where in nature with no other human near by. I wouldn't want an elaborate done up proposal, just words from the heart and the person I loved.

        That being said, I know that to some women being proposed to in front of a crowd, or with some kind of gimmick like choreographing a dance or song for her, and involving all of your friends and family, and uploading it onto youtube, would be the ultimate proposal.

        So, the long short of it is, yes, if you feel it is right, you should absolutely propose to her, but only you know the best way to do so. Think about your lady and what you think would mean the most to her.
        I wish the both of you happiness. (: