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I and My Boyfriend Had a Pregnancy Scare Before



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  • I and My Boyfriend Had a Pregnancy Scare Before

    Do you have any advice for me? See, me and my boyfriend had a pregnancy scare before, and my mom threatened to take me to get an abortion. I'm 17 now - turned 17 in Dec. Honestly, I don't want to have an abortion, but I'm afraid - seeing as I might be pregnant - of how I will tell my mother. She's the type of person who yells and screams, and she'll kick me out. Can you please help me? Anyone actually.

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    Is his family more understanding?? Would you be able to possibly live with him until you are of age, and you guys can move out on your own?? I would say, if you ARE pregnant, do not stress. Everything will be ok. Everything happens for a reason, and you will get through it. If you aren't pregnant, I would definitely look into contraceptives. I'm not sure what you are using now, but perhaps getting on birth control of some type, and tracking you're ovulation schedule to make sure a scare doesn't happen again. There are plenty of ovulation tracking apps you can download to help! I hope everything works out in your favor, and I will keep you in my thoughts!!!


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      I just turned seventeen in December as well. My birthday is the third.

      Once you get pregnant and you're over the age of fifteen, it's your responsibility. You sign a sheet at the abortion clinic to say that you choose this, and if you aren't, you don't have to.
      I'll be honest, I got an abortion on the third of March because I was raped. I regretted it at first but I realized that I couldn't be able to love the baby as I would love the child that my fiance and I will have.

      It's your choice to keep the child, your mother can't make you do anything because you're an adult.

      If you need someone, just send me a private message.


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        Whenever you are expecting your first child, you are going to go through a gamut of feelings that range from pure joy, to curiosity, to humbleness, and especially worry. The day my wife told me that she was pregnant, kicked off an adventure like I had never gone through in my entire life, and if I knew back then what I know now, I don't think I would have slept very well that night. However, going through this experience really was something I am glad that happened to me, and I got to share with my wife. We definitely needed to have each other there, so that we could lean on each other through the difficult times that we were about to experience.

        My wife had a pretty normal pregnancy, and even then it was extremely stressful for us. This is one of the first things that you will learn whenever you are expecting as well. Every woman who is pregnant ends up going through a number of tests, and a lot of different things may arise that can throw out red flags with doctors and midwives, but in essence they usually end up being nothing. You will learn that there can be nothing worse than something as a false positive, as this can give you a number of concerns and sleepless nights as you wait for new test results. My wife and I had to go through this several times, and it was not an easy thing to deal with. Your mind starts racing with a number of things, especially how you will deal with your baby if he or she ends up being born with some kind of problem.

        However, it is important to note that almost every expecting couple have to deal with a few scares here and there as these type of things happen in almost every normal pregnancy. Just about everyone we talked to who had children, told us they went through similar things as well. That is why you have to learn to keep yourself calm throughout the pregnancy, and just take things in stride. I know it isn't an easy thing to do, but after our first few scares during the pregnancy, we started learning to relax anytime my wife had to take a test. This is basically all you can do to help get yourself through the pregnancy, and you're going to have to realize that once the baby comes out, there are will be a new set of worries to deal with. The worrying is not something that ever goes away, but the one thing that you can change, is the way that you deal with these things, and not to allow every little thing to stress you out.


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          you should use any contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, emergency contraception must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex,


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            Has it ever occurred to you to listen to your mother? She probably wants the best for you and at 17 I would be very sad to see my daughter have a child when she's not even fully grown.


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              I have never been pregnant or had a serious scare before. I am 26 years old and have been with my love for the past 7 years. 4 of those years not on birth control. So I have no idea what you’re going through. But just know that if you decide to keep the baby if you are pregnant... the baby deserves 2 present parents who can provide a stable home with love. And the world is no longer about what you want. You’re goals and life are on pause for 18 years. And if not on pause...on the back burner. Whatever aspirations you have for your future you have to work 10x harder than anyone childless. Increase that by 50 if the father isn’t on board. My little sister 20 years old just had a baby and she dropped out of college and ruined her scholarship to be with her baby daddy of only 1 year together. She lives in a one bedroom appt on welfare now.