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I Am Going To Be Getting Divorced From My Wife Because Of Religion

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  • I Am Going To Be Getting Divorced From My Wife Because Of Religion

    I am 52. My future ex wife and I have a 15 year old son who loves astronomy and gymnastics. I am going to be getting divorced from the same woman for the second time. The 1st marriage lasted for some 20 years. I ended up in a psyc ward for 4 weeks and was a mess for 4 years. We were both raised as Jehovah's Witnesses but I left that religion and less than 3 weeks after leaving she said she wanted out of the marriage. 4 years ago I went back into that religion and a year later remarried her. Within a year after remarriage I was on my way to becoming an atheist which I now am. Our 15 year old son sees things more my way and this is really ticking her off. I felt and still feel that I have a right as his father to equally explain the reasons for my take on religion and God. The way this religion operates with it's control freak nature along with her gross intolerance of my views is actually making me more of an active atheist than ever. They consider me an apostate because I not only disbelieve but I am actively involved with telling people about the snares of getting involved with this faith. The problem is that we are still very attracted to each other physically and she even admits that since I have embraced atheism I am a much better husband and much more rational. I have been very instrumental in helping our son who is dyslexic because of researching peer reviewed info on the subject instead of consulting old men who run a religion that is in many cases still entertaining bronze age ideas. I have gay friends. She feels that they are a danger to my son. Our son even disagrees with her because he knows that any friends that I hang with wouldn't even think of hurting a child. I am broke but still maintain a very good government job. I am not the kind of guy that likes sleeping around with all kinds of women especially the drug addicts around me. I love relationships. Sex is wonderful but so is the emotional needs of BOTH sexes. I have even taken up tobacco pipe smoking because it calms down my stress.I feel like I am in a cage that will take years to come out of.

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    Scot with all due respect you did the right thing by walking away from your man made religion of JW!! Now you need to stay away from your manipulative exwife and find someone who appreciates the true man that God has made. I am 44 yo a christian man father of two teenager boys and I can honestly say that with faith in God all things are possible. Get yourself a Holy Bible and read it at home and ask God for wisdom. He will guide you!! JW..Mormons..Budist and most man made religion dont have a real clue of what God really wants for you, peace and love in your life. Be free man!!


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      With all due respect I am an atheist. I may have been one for some time. The Bible, to me is full of myth, including the Jesus story. I wouldn't mind meeting a religious woman at some point. But, fanatics like JWS can take a hike.

      No thanks. The Bible is 1 reason I am an atheist. What I need is a woman who may be religious but tolerant of atheists.


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        Hey man. Sorry about what happened. I became an atheist this year after finding out Christianity is made up and for controlling people. I am 19 but have also wasted so much time in christianity. I hope for your sake that your son doesn't get brainwashed into believing myths. Thank you for sharing your story, as it reminds of why I will never get married. If you want to talk, drop me a message. All the best bro!