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My Wife Filed For Divorce and I Want To Fix It Because I Feel I Was Used



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  • My Wife Filed For Divorce and I Want To Fix It Because I Feel I Was Used

    I want to save my marriage. I stuck with her through her very bad time and it took a lot of money. I feel I was used. I could never be right. She wanted a different home. Go figure got a home but had to take oxycontin to keep working to get the house. Now I'm a prescribed addict. On 2nd back surgery now. Deal was ok we get the house then I need help with my back and then get off the pills. Well right before my second surgery she filed for divorce. Lied to me and slept by me right to the end. Never came to hospital to see me. Got a lawyer. Since knowing her this is my second lawyer I had to get for myself. First to fend myself from her ex and now to fight her. I'm lost and alone. Used. How do I get through this? I find out my job helps with no rehab centers now. I had enough what do I do? Two weeks left and she acts like I'm a total stranger and no emotion. She says her life is so much better without me. Can someone help me?

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    Why again do you want to fix your marriage? Read what you just wrote. If you don't have kids you may want to just get out while you can.


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      You are a needy man! You do not have a life of your own. The worst thing on earth is to live with someone that does not care about you! You can build your life up by starting to love yourself unconditionally - find treatment for your medical issues, pursue an education, or build up a career and do not get married again!


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        A few years ago I was facing a serious marital crisis and at a loss for how to fix my marriage. Maybe you are in a similar situation now. If your spouse says it's over but you still want to save the marriage, then I'd like to offer you some very important advice that could change your relationship forever!

        I never really expected to find myself in the spot I was in. Like so many others, I believed our marriage would last forever and that love would conquer all. I took our relationship for granted and maybe I didn't see the warning signs. That's probably why I was completely unprepared for my wife to tell me that she wanted me to move out and was meeting with an attorney!

        The pain and shock and hurt and anger that I felt are hard to describe. You might be feeling something like that right now and if so, then you know what I'm talking about! All I could think of was that I wanted to save my marriage and was willing to do anything for another chance. But what? I had tried everything I could think of out of a sincere desire to make things right. But despite everything I was doing, it actually seemed to be making things worse.

        I was beginning to think that divorce was inevitable when I made some very important discoveries. I learned that I had been doing practically the complete opposite of what I should have been doing! Instead of trying to hold on I should have been stepping back, because the more I was pushing the more she was pulling away.

        I also had to get out of the negative emotional state I had been in which was causing me to make a lot of the common mistakes that many people make which were making the problem even worse. I had to put myself in a more resourceful state and show calmness confidence and control. I was able to take the lead in saving my marriage because if I didn't do it, then who would?

        This discovery was the beginning of not only saving my marriage but creating one that was better than either me or my spouse ever dreamed possible. The amazing part about it was that it worked even though she had originally wanted to end our marriage! The key though was my being willing to see the marriage in a completely different way, almost as if it was a 3rd person, separate from the two of us. And I had to be willing to take quick and powerful action right away!


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          It is better to stop fighting for such a relationship where the second person is not at all interested in that relationship. My aunt in Paris also faced such situation where his husband was not at all interested in living with her. It was shattering for her, but after handling herself, she directly contacted the lawyer Bechara Tarabay and filed against him. She was lucky enough to get a supportive lawyer who helped her till the end of the case.


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            She lucky to have got a good lawyer.