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I Have Multiple Orgasms but I Don't Squirt?

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  • I Have Multiple Orgasms but I Don't Squirt?

    I am a female. i dont have any body image problems.i love sex. i have multiple orgasms but i soooo want to squirt. am i trying too hard? i have been trying for over a year now. i have wicked orgasms but i dont squirt.

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    Do you know I get so many questions about squirting from women.

    On the good news side, all of those questions reflect a positive attitude about female ejaculation.

    That's a big and very sophisticated change from the time when men regularly got angry and women embarrassed thinking that something was "wrong."

    We have come a long way since those days.

    But something else is beginning to emerge that might be equally unhealthy in people's attitudes.

    The idea that if you DON'T squirt that there is something "wrong" with you.

    I understand from women that female ejaculation does feel "different" from an orgasm without ejaculate, and they describe it as "special", "cleansing", and "renewing."

    So, I guess, if I was a woman, and I had not experienced it, I'd be chasing it around too.

    But it is important to not get too carried away,and here's why...

    Unlike men, women experience MANY different types of orgasm, and they describe the sensations in many different ways.

    And it's very hard to know between women if they are actually experiencing the same thing or different things.

    I mention this to you because the other big important thing to know is that the glands that allow a woman to squirt (the para-urethral glands) are very different in size in different women.

    And the ducts that open from them are also very different in size...

    Some are so small that they may let almost no fluid through. The result is...

    For some women a LOT of ejaculate comes out, and for some, only a small amount can get out at a time.

    It may only dribble instead of squirt.

    In other words...could you already be having a squirting orgasm and not know it?

    Yes, it is possible, and I know it is not uncommon.

    Here's some ways you might know...

    Generally the "gushing orgasm" takes a long time to work up to, and once it begins it puts your body into an orgasmic spasm that lasts quite a long time-- even if you stop stimulating the area.

    And afterwards you may feel a profound sense of cleansing or like you have been "renewed."

    Also, you may feel a sense that you are about to pee just before it begins (caused by the pressure in the intra-urethral glands)

    It's worth noting that they are achieved a differently than other orgasms, it is NOT just a "more intense" orgasm.

    I will include a link to an article I have published on "Squirting Orgasms."

    Meanwhile Alison, if you are having multiple orgasms and "wicked" orgasms, you are way ahead of most women.

    I would like to think that you are enjoying the amazing beauty that you ARE experiencing during sex and not obsessing over what you might be missing...

    That would be a shame.

    Because then you really would be missing something, and it isn't the squirting.


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      The squirting orgasm has often been called the ultimate orgasm for women. The feeling of ejaculation can be so good that women can find it addictive, wanting to do it again and again. The reason for this is that the release is both physical and emotional and a lot different from a regular orgasm. In addition it is a little bit experimental and naughty, so is great for couples who want to try something a little different. The only problem is that many women don't know how to have these orgasms and, even worse, can prevent themselves from ejaculating. This guide is for couples to learn how she can help have the squirting orgasm.

      Training for Female Ejaculation

      The most important part for her to pay attention to is the physical part. Most women have weak pelvic floor muscles and this can be one of the reasons why they don't have powerful orgasms. It is pretty simple for women to increase their pelvic floor muscle strength. The exercise is known as a Kegel exercise after the doctor who invented it and it basically involves squeezing the muscles in the vagina in the same way that you would if you were trying to stop urinating. It will feel a little weird at first, but the reward is worth it as within a month you should notice an increase in orgasm strength.

      The Mental Squirting Orgasm

      The mental part is also really important and often overlooked by women. You see, many women can prevent themselves from having a squirting orgasm by not relaxing. This is usually caused by understanding the orgasm process. The liquid that women ejaculate is not urine, but a see-through liquid from the Skene's gland. Unfortunately due to this gland's location near the bladder, the squirting orgasm can make her feel like she is about to pee. As you can imagine this is not a sexy image and many women shut off their orgasm response. This is all in the mind and can easily be overcome by focusing on relaxing and pushing the liquid out.

      Ejaculation Orgasms for her

      By working together as a couple, female ejaculation orgasms become easy to do. The best part is that they can't be done by either of you, instead they have to be done by both of you working together. Not only does she get to experience one of the more intense orgasms, but he gets to enjoy having one with you, bringing you closer into the bargain.


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        Helpful advice from you both, thank you!