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I am New, and need advice.. :(



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  • I am New, and need advice.. :(

    Hi, let's say that my name is R an Unknownred. Please to meet you all.

    Right now I am a young man who did a great job at work but always being a fool at love. Since my first experience in love, until the latest one. I always fell in love with a woman with a relationship (have a boyfriend). Everytime, I always got so close with these girls, so close that we looks like a couple. But it was never ended as a couple. I couldn't do it, to break someone else relationship, but this feeling of mine... I can't fool it, it was always real, I am in love, yet I want it to stop (especially right now). Please, I need some suggestions or an explanation of this feeling of mine that always being trapped on a Loop.

    A loop of always loving someone's girlfriend.

    I am really is a fool...

    Thx for the advices.