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His eyes, My heart

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  • His eyes, My heart


    I'm just pussy

    You told me you love me

    And even though I want love

    I'm just pussy

    Short encounters we spend, I enjoy your company

    And you make me feel like you enjoy mine

    I'm just pussy

    We laugh and talk for hours

    We have so much fun together

    Then you disappear until whenever

    I'm just pussy

    Nobody knows the connection we have when we're alone

    At night when you treat me like I'm your only, your own

    I'm just pussy

    I crave you all day

    At the same time I'm ready to walk away

    I'm just pussy

    You make me drip

    When I grip

    You pound

    I moan

    Your strong

    Hands caress my backside

    How you love

    I love, the love we make

    Then we wake

    Different worlds

    Different lives

    We lead and I stand here

    You kiss me as you walk out my door

    And I can't wait to get some more

    I'm just pussy

    You don't call

    I don't call

    Priorities changed

    Then you pop up

    And again

    I'm just pussy

  • #2
    Wow! I love this poem. This is very creative from you.

    It really describes what a woman faces in a relationship.


    • #3
      Thanks, I just want people to know they are not alone, we all have these feelings.


      • #4
        Great poem! Is writing poem what you do for a living?