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  • Help required for approaching a crush

    I'm 25 and have huge crush on this girl who is 29. We were working in the same office.I guess she also likes me as I caught here staring me several times. Also she was the first to start the conversation most of the times when we met.

    But when I asked the reason for staring, she got tensed and said there is nothing like that and I'm like her younger brother. But I think, she said this in stress because she might have thought I was complaining and I'm younger than her. But I'm not sure about this. How can I approach her to know her true feelings? Or do I need to drop idea of approaching her at all as she hitted me like a brother. I like her very much.

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    It is imperative to be able to cut through the cloud of confusion to determine whether or not the girl really has any strong feelings for you.

    But you don't have to worry any longer- assistance is here. There are some tested, proven ways to tell whether nor not a girl is really into you. Keep on reading to find out about these methods and attain - jaw dropping results.

    How To Know If She Likes You For Real - By Looking At 3 Critical Attraction Signals

    Sign Number One. When you are talking she tilts her head to the left a little bit. If she touches her hair while doing this that's even better.

    Sign Number Two. When the two of you are having a conversation, she touches your hand. It is important to note that this should seem like a natural act, not necessarily one that she is even aware of.

    Sign Number Three. Whenever you are around she becomes utterly thrilled and energetic. Also, when you are around she may display small amounts of self-consciousness.

    If every one of these signs indicate that she does in fact like you, what should you do? The answer's easy - hypnotize her. It may sound a little weird at first, but hypnosis is actually extremely effective at making women fall in love with men. In fact, one of the most effective methods of hypnosis is a technique called 'fractionation'.

    Fractionation consists of taking a woman through a kind of emotional roller coaster ride, making her feel the total gamut of her emotions in fluctuating cycles, rapidly centering her positive emotions and energies on you. As a result of this, the woman will become emotionally attached to you - and in many instances want to sleep with you - in 15 minutes...flat.


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      If you want to tell a girl that you fancy her - then you have got to do it right... otherwise she might just freak out and stop talking to you. This means that you should NOT do it within a couple of minutes upon meeting her. That's a crazy thing to do... and unless you're Brad Pitt then it's quite likely that she will stop talking to you. You will come across as clingy and needy - and this will turn her off immediately.

      So what do you do then if you want a girl to know that you like her? It's simple - just follow these steps and you will be successful. In fact, you can even make her like you back... if you use these somewhat "covert" tricks. Read on...

      - "Be Direct, But Be Timely". You have to first know that it's not a bad thing to flat-out tell a girl that you like her. What matters is the TIMING. Also, if you come across as desperate and needy, then you will come across as a loser. You can be open about it... but you just have to do it properly, and at the right time.

      - "Use Humor". Another mistake that guys make when they tell women that they like them is that they come across as too SERIOUS. Being too serious will scare a woman off! Use subtle humor, and NEVER be too in-your-face. You might just come across as a crazy stalker if you're not careful.

      - "Imply That You Like Her". Here's a slightly advanced trick, but it works like magic. You want to play a little "mind game" on her - so that she actually WONDERS if you like her... or not. This will make her curious, and at the same time make her like you more. Here's how to do this - when you're walking with her, hold her hand. And then suddenly just let go of her hand, and say, "This is wrong. Friends don't hold hands." This will make her guess your real intentions... and at the same time "challenge" her.


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        Thanks guys for feedback. By the way I missed out one important detail that she had left our work place 3 weeks ago (for better job opportunities) only making my chances to approach her difficult as hell. And she dont have profile on any social media either. She can be contacted only through phone. But contacting her on phone seems somewhat awkward to me right now. Or how do I initiate conversation/message on phone that will not make her awkward either if possible? Any advice on this?

        Actually I have not given any signs from my side till now that I like her as I'm sort of shy and introvert. So she does not have any slightest idea that I like her.

        By the way she will be coming to my office within a month for last time for some documentation formalities. At that time she will be meeting all the colleagues. Any chance for approaching her that time? Most probably that will be my last time meeting her. But I will always keep my hopes high!