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I am trapped in a loop of loving woman with relationship.



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  • I am trapped in a loop of loving woman with relationship.

    Hi, let's say that my name is R an Unknownred. Please to meet you all.

    Right now I am a young man who did a great job at work but always being a fool at love. Since my first experience in love, until the latest one. I always fell in love with a woman with a relationship (have a boyfriend). Everytime, I always got so close with these girls, so close that we looks like a couple. But it was never ended as a couple. I couldn't do it, to break someone else relationship, but this feeling of mine... I can't fool it, it was always real, I am in love, yet I want it to stop (especially right now). Please, I need some suggestions or an explanation of this feeling of mine that always being trapped on a Loop.

    A loop of always loving someone's girlfriend.

    I am really is a fool...

    Thx for the advices

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    I think you are at fault for getting yourself entangled with this mess. You knew from the start that she had a boyfriend but yet you went ahead to date her.

    The only way you can get out of the loop of loving someone else girlfriend is to make the decision never to date a girl who is already in a relationship. That way, you'll save yourself from a lot of trauma and heartbreak.


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      The reason you keep falling in love with girls who are engaged is because you always lie to yourself that you'll be able to impress her to the point that she will prefer you to her boyfriend. This is an attitude you must change about yourself as regards girls.

      Make the decision today never to be a second choice, and only go for girls that don't have boyfriends.


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        Life will keep throwing these kind of women your way until you learn how to deal with that kind of situation and move on to women who aren't taken. Quit wasting time with the taken ones and move on.