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Partners ex /texts in middle of night- last time from Jail! Should I be concerned?



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  • Partners ex /texts in middle of night- last time from Jail! Should I be concerned?

    My partner and I have been together for a year, and are in a serious relationship and he wants a future/ with me, and my child. He acts very dedicated to the relationship and we spend a lot of time together and have met each others friends and family. However, I am uncomfortable that one night at 2am numerous texts and calls came through , he said was an ex from out of state. He aknowledged it was not right for her to do this and that she was well aware he was in a relationship and she was crazy and they had a tumultous relationship in the past but he remained friends with her after breakup. He likes to be a "rescuer" of people. She apparently has a lot of drinking and abuse problems with other guys and she calls him to help. HE stated she will still call him from another number if he blocks her number. Strange. I added that he is acting like a boyfriend to her and that is not longer his job and she needs to call on other people in her life to help her. HE agreed and said if she was local she would just show up at his house! Crazy. He offered to get a restraining order on her which I think is extreme, I want to trust him to stop contact on his own and figure this out himself. She called early that morning from a jail!? We hung up on her. Apparently, she has been arrested for disorderly conduct before. I still have a gut feeling he is still in touch with her though. I asked if he was still emotionally involved with her , and he denied it. I discussed boundary issues and he agreed this was violating boundaries,- . I dont want to bring it up months later, I havent heard of any more calls or texts and I want to trust him but its bothering me.

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    Don't let this bother you, because I'm very sure he has nothing to do with her again. It's obvious he has a good heart and can't stand people in trouble without helping. I know this because that's how I'm as well.

    So, you should be happy, because you are in a relationship with a nice guy and not someone who will break your heart out of the blue.


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      The fact that he admits it was wrong for his ex to be calling and sending him text messages proves that he doesn't have anything to do with her.

      He is just being too nice, so you have to change that about him.

      Stop being bothered because I'm sure he loves you so much to cheat on you.


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        Thank you for kind words and advice- such a weird situation.