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Ex husbands girlfriend died



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  • Ex husbands girlfriend died

    I am in a horribly confusing situation. After my divorce I never stopped loving my ex husband of 15 years. He still told me he loved me but we both eventually moved on. Now 5 years later his girlfriend and mother to his children suddenly passed. Prior to her death he had been hitting on me making advances one point we almost made love but stopped. A week after her death we slept together. Now he will not speak to me he’s panicking because her family. They can’t stand me and he’s trying to keep them happy. I know it was way to early but we both got caught up in emotions. Now my heart is so torn wondering what the future holds. Will he always be worried about her family or eventually will we be able to move on and work out. I love his kids and we also have a child together. I feel like a crazy person. I love that man more than words could ever express. So many emotions are flying and oddly I just want to be there for him while he grieves.

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    The best thing to do now is to give him space, and stay away from him for a while. He will eventually come for you when the time is right.

    He doesn't want to speak to you at the moment because he knows his girlfriend's family will falsely accuse him of killing their daughter just to be with you. So, you shouldn't think of being around him this moment while he grieves, or else people are going to read negative meaning to it.

    I'm sure he loves you as much as you love him, so respect his wish by leaving him alone for now and he will come for you later.


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      I know exactly how you feel about him. You have missed him so much that you just can't wait to be with him, however, you must take things slow if you ever want to be with him again. Now, isn't the time to be around him so keep your distance. However, make it a point to send him encouraging and strengthening words via text message, that way he will know you care about him and would always have you in mind.

      Best wishes.