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In love with a frien who is in a relationship, but are unhappy



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  • In love with a frien who is in a relationship, but are unhappy

    Got a sort of confusing situation on my hands

    I have fallen for my female friend

    She know this, but still we see each other from time to time

    It can be days following and sometimes a month

    And than we spend hole evenings in each others company

    There are flirting and from time to time there sre cuddeling and kissing

    She has told me she love me but are unsure if in the right way

    Now she has reconnected with her ex-boyfriend, and i see this as a big stop sign

    Still she comes to see me and act like nothing has changed

    I ask her why she do this if she is in a commited relationship, and i find this confusing

    So, she tells me that even if she is in love she do not feel happy

    This do not make it any better

    Still i know i should back of but I’m also quite sure that she won’t be with this guy a long time

    I find myself in a difficult situation, knowing how i feel for her, what i want to do and what would be the right thing to do

    I can not make up my mind to let go, or fight for her

    Thinking there must be a reason for her to see me

    I know I love her and want her to be happy

    If she had been happy in her relationship I would go away, but she is not

    So I wander if I should fight for her since she is not happy

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    You will be doing yourself more harm than good if you stick around waiting for her to breakup with her boyfriend. I suggest you move on with your life as soon as possible, and stop seeing her.


    • Halhan
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      I see your point, and most likely you are right in this

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    If she loves you as much as you claim she does, she won't go back to her ex to reconcile with him leaving you behind. Her reconciling with her ex boyfriend is a red flag for you, so move on and don't have anything to do with her henceforth. Another thought, she is simply cheating on her boyfriend with you, she won't make a good girlfriend for you because she is eventually going to cheat on you if you are in a relationship with her.


    • Halhan
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      Yes, it should be a big red flag
      Still it is not an easy thing to just leave a good friend out of my life
      I am thinking about talking to her, thell how I do feel, that i wish for her to be happy and hope she find what she needs innher life
      But for at the moment we should take a break in our friendship, unleast until my feelings have lessend or gone
      Today it is very difficult to soend time and control my feelings
      No fun situation

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    She's playing you both.


    • Halhan
      Halhan commented
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      You might be right, or she is telling the truth by saying she is unsure and not knowing what she wants
      Still will probably pull back til she finds out this or my feelings for her goes away