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We can’t as we work together. Is that just an excuse?



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  • We can’t as we work together. Is that just an excuse?


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    A new girl joined my team about 6 months ago and we hit it off from day one. Always laughing and joking and enjoying each other’s company.

    Fast forward 6 months and after a work party I ended up going back to hers and spending the night with her I was worried that it was just that she was a little drunk but it carried on in the morning when we were both sober.

    On the Monday I had to fly abroad with work so we arranged to meet up after I had landed from the airport.
    We chatted for a bit and then she told that although she likes me we can’t be together as we work together. We then preceded to spend another 3 hours drinking and chatting. After getting home we texted a bit and she said she is glad we in a good place and really enjoyed the evening and wants to do it again soon.

    So now im really confused as if she wants it to be more but is scared due to work or just used work as an excuse.

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    Possibly used work as an excuse. I’d leave her alone she sounds like she just wants fun and nothing serious unless that’s what you want to


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      I really don't think she is using work as an excuse. The case is that she likes you but the only reason she can't be with you is because you both work together. This is probably because she is scared of what your colleagues at work will think of you both been in a relationship, there will be a lot of gossip going on.


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        She feels she gave herself too cheaply to you, and now she's trying to get her pride back. All you need to do is prove to her that you love her and won't let her down. She will be yours in no time.


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          I'd just back off and see where it goes.
          If she keeps inviting you out for drinks be straight with her, tell her you feel like she's giving you mixed signals and ask what she truly wants.


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            Thanks guys really appreciate the advice. We are still talking lots and going to lunch anytime we are both in the office. I’m not going to rush anything just take my time, prove the kind of person I am and see what happens.

            Strangly a few female friends of mine in the office have asked if we are dating. When I asked why they ask they said you 2 look good and happy together. Guess you don’t have to be dating for gossip to start. But luckily one of the people that asked is also a friend of hers and is dating / now engaged to someone on her team.