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  • New Love, Old Love

    First off, I would like to point out that this is the lowest that I've been emotionally in my life.
    Being a person who's been in a relationship for many years (between 5-10 years) I know how to treat women properly and I've been able to control my emotions throughout the years. My girlfriend really loves me and she loves spending time with me, I on the other hand, have been emotionally disconnected for a few months now.
    I met a girl whos been great with me, I like spending time with her, just like every other female friend I've had. I didnt have any feelings for her or anything the first months of knowing her, it wasnt love at first sight. Lately I've been thinking about her every single hour of the day, her laugh and charisma are what made me feel connected and in sync with her. We've had long talks over the phone, where we just blab and talk about random stuff, I like the feeling of being someone she can trust. She does have a boyfriend and they havent been on the best terms lately. I dont like talking bad about other people, but he is not for her and I can see it when they are together and when she talks about him, but theres nothing I can do, she still "loves" him or at least thats what she says (I think shes afraid of being alone).
    Im the kind of guy who likes to be honest and loyal with my significan other, but this has been super hard. My girlfriend knows something is wrong with me and we talked about it and I let her know that I still have (and will) love for her, no matter what happens, but I dont know if deep inside me I just dont want to admit that I dont love her anymore or are my feelings for another person blinding my feelings for my girl.
    Im at a point where Im trying my hardest to be in love (as before this all happened) with my girlfriend, we have a good relationship and she treats me well just as I treat her. I dont know what to do, I dont know if Im actually blinded or just stupid in love and cant admit it or Im acting just as someone would because of fear of, in the end, not being with either one of them.
    Im at a crossroads. I have never been more confused and dont know what to do. Ive obviously imagined a situation where I break up with my girlfriend and end up with my friend, but Im afraid that would be a mistake. Ive also thought about continuing with my actual relationship and let my emotions for the other girl just fade away in time, but im also afraid that would be a mistake. Please help.

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    You have said it all, "you are blinded." What you are experiencing now isn't love but infatuation. The fact is that, if you breakup with your girlfriend just to be with her, soon you'll realize you love your girlfriend more. So I will advice you to stop all forms of communication with this other girl immediately.


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      The biggest mistake you will make in your life will be to breakup with your girlfriend just to be with this other girl. Be wise, take your time to re-evaluate your steps. Your girlfriend still remains a better choice.