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How to introduce my foreign girlfriend to my parents. Any advice???



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  • How to introduce my foreign girlfriend to my parents. Any advice???

    I grew up in one of the Southern states under the watch of very traditional parents. They follow traditional practices and beliefs. I have been very careful with the girls that I have introduced to them. With the three girlfriends that they’ve met, only one of them passed their so-called standards. It’s a scary statistic.

    My girlfriend is successful career-wise and was raised well by her family. I met her on A Foreign Affair through a friend’s recommendation. I thought I wouldn’t be able to connect with anyone, but I did, and she’s just so amazing. She has a strong sense of family values and also has her own beliefs regarding some traditional things. In hindsight, her personality is very similar with my mom’s. I think my parents would love her once they get to know her.

    The problem now is how I would go about introducing her. I have no doubts regarding her character, but my parents are just too traditional. I can't bring her to our home just yet due to our distance. Should I just wait until I can personally introduce her to them?

    My parents have been supportive of me and their opinion matters a lot to my decisions in life. I see a good future with my girlfriend, and that's why I want to do anything possible to introduce her to my parents in the best way I can. I want to introduce her the way she deserves and in a way my parents would immediately like her. I need all the help I can get. How do I do it??

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    There is no other way to introduce her to your parents but to just introduce her. Take her home and introduce her to them.


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      This is the girl you love, so you shouldn't be scared to introduce her to your parents. Go head and introduce her anyways.


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        Meet the girl yourself first. Be sure you're actually serious about her and that you can see a future with her.
        If you can... Then introduce her to them.
        If your parents are dicks and say she doesn't meet their standards, stand up for your woman. Show both them and her that you're a man who's going to fight for what he wants, and not have his life dictated by his parents. They'll all respect you more for it, and likely once your parents see how serious you are about her they will come around.

        I hope it goes well for you. Good luck.