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Long Distance Relationship trouble



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  • Long Distance Relationship trouble

    My boyfriends mom told me that my boyfriend of 3 years wants to breakup with me because he and his family thought I made a fake profile on Facebook of him and I didn't I love him so much that I want him to stay with me but my roommate from college has started all this drama on Facebook and my boyfriend it his family doesn't believe me what should I do and also my boyfriend doesn't have any contact with me right now only his family does and I only have contact with his family right now. What should I do?

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    Your situation is really a difficult one since you don't have contact to your boyfriend and you're in a long distance relationship.

    However, I will suggest you contact his parents and sincerely apologize for all that have happened and let them know you weren't the one responsible for what happen. They are human, and so will definitely have a change of heart.

    Good Luck.


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      In my opinion, I feel just contacting them via phone call isn't going to create much effect. So, why don't you travel over to meet his parents and also your boyfriend. I know when they see you, it will change the whole story. For you to have traveled that far just to amend issues, it proves that you adore and love him .


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        Traveling is the option and also you may speak with your room mate(who did all this) to speak with your boyfriend parents and accept her mistake. This will convince them and also prove you innocent.