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She loves me but isn't in love with me anymore can I fix that



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  • She loves me but isn't in love with me anymore can I fix that

    So I've been with this girl for two years and we have a son together 7 months old she broke up with me last Wednesday now here's where it gets complicated first of all I obviously want to stay with her so I need some help she told me she loves me but isn't in love with me anymore and she lives with me sleeps in the same bed are kid is right beside us we spend all are time together we carpool to work and we go to lunch together we even still cuddle at night and have a sexual relationship with each other all of the relationship perks except she doesn't constantly tell me she loves me anymore it a lot less and she doesn't hold my hand in public or anything like that no kissing anymore we're looking at getting an apartment together since we live with a family member she has the option to leave and stay somewhere else but she stays for me I guess I have never unconditionally loved someone like this before I've had a hard break up before a 7 year breakup and it didn't hurt this bad I genuinely feel like this girl is my other half I don't wanna make a wrong decision and push her away more can I get any advice on what I should do to maybe get her back she already said she doesn't think she will ever be in love with me again and there's nothing I can say to change her mind but all these signals and messed up things that are happening please I'm losing my mind but I'd rather lose my mind than her my family

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    Hi There - Can I please make a request that when you post these messages, that you use proper grammar, rather than just a giant wall of text without full stops. It makes it so hard to understand and read.



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      Brother-to-brother! A common problem most men wrestle with is lover's rejection. It surfaces in statements such as: "My girlfriend doesn't love me anymore", "She no longer loves me like before", or "What have I done wrong to make my girlfriend to stop loving me?" In a world such as ours, it is easy to fall out of love with the one you truly love. How do you win back the one you truly love? Are there secrets to long lasting relationships?

      I am ready to personally show you the sweet secrets to make your girlfriend to crazily love you again. I will show you simple steps you can take to turn your troubled relationship into a happy and long lasting one.

      If your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore, it can bring out a sense of grief which can stir up feelings of emptiness, loneliness and a sense of bewilderment. The way you react in this situation will show if you will get back together with your girlfriend again in a more loving relationship. Do not go about pestering her with phone calls or monitoring her movements believing she is cheating on you. Do NOT!

      Do you care enough for your girlfriend to sit with her and become the dumping ground for her difficult feelings and concerns? If you are able to just show your girl that you care, you will get her to permanently crave for your love and companionship. Remember, women do not care how much you know, but they want to know how much you care. Show her how much you care in words and deeds and you will definitely win back her love.

      What if your girlfriend doubts your love for her? It is up to you to do everything within your power to remove such doubts. Keep in mind that that many doubts are not in the mind but in the heart. Your girlfriend may be carrying a deep hurt which causes her to question your love for her. Don't be in too much of a hurry to clear her mind. Get alongside your girl and show, by listening and understanding, without judging that you care.

      Look at yourself! Are you a self-centered person? When you concentrate on yourself without considering your girl, she will no longer love you. The relationship, including you will go to pieces, emotionally and physically. When you concentrate on yourself alone, the law of the universe goes into operation and instead of saving your relationship; you will end up losing it.

      When you reach out to help and care for your girlfriend, you will become less concerned about your own troubles and difficulties and less prone to personality and relationship problems. Your statement, "My girlfriend doesn't love me anymore", will change to "My girlfriend truly loves me".