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  • How can I move on

    Hi..i am tired to all of things are going to happen,i am tired to make him love again. I think my ex will never come back, but I really wants him to come back because i Truely loves him. But its just a dream, i think its impossible, i had tried every single strategies that how to make my ex fall in love and he had actauly comeback, but just for few days and then go away without saying anything. And still i was waiting .I can't move on from these, how can i makes me busy?how could i remove him from my mind? I am always thinking about him, checking his post in fb , Instagram, his updates. Somewhere i think that i will never find that type of guy in my life, ever. I was thinking that i have big lose in my life and i have lost something which is very important that i would never found it.

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    Break up can be one of the hardest parts of your life where hurt and pain are thrown up to you, but it can also be the best thing that ever happened to you and to your life. Yes, the initial part is the most painful, but along the way, you will be able to pick up the pieces not to start love again, but for you to be whole. Sometimes, break up can help you reevaluate yourself, help you become a better person and help you find out who you are destined to who will take all your sadness and fears away.

    Moving on after a break up and facing the best and worst of life is one of the best experiences that you'll learn in your lifetime. Therefore, stop crying and mourning over the loss no matter how hard it is, you will need to move on and start anew.

    Time heals all wounds

    Give yourself enough time to heal, to accept that's really over. It is helpful when you put away the pictures or any memorabilia about him. Doing such will help you to forget him little by little. When you are on your weakest time, do not allow your feelings to dwell on another relationship or a rebound love, it can just add up to your hurt and pain.

    Count your blessings: Family and Friends

    Realize that you are surrounded by a good and loving family and friends. It is relieving that you get to share your feelings with them and you allow them to comfort you and offer you advices. Dealing with break up alone can be very hard without support people to release your emotions.

    Meet old time friends, rebuild old relationships, and spend most of the time with your family especially on a weekend. Keep yourself busy doing things you enjoy with the people you love, and never dwell on the past.

    Go out and have fun

    Don't get stuck at home and lock yourself in the room. Moving on can be harder to achieve when you let yourself drown into your emotions. You are just making yourself miserable. Try going out with friends, go shopping and pigging. It will help you forget of the hurt and the person who hurt you. On a weekend, go swimming with your friends. For sure you will have a good laugh with them. As such, this will remind you that being single can be more fun and exciting than being into a relationship.

    Take some time off for yourself

    Spend time for yourself alone. This will help you learn to live without him. Do things that you love and of your interest. Do relaxing activities such as reading, music tripping, spa, baking, and painting. Just do what you want that makes you a worthy individual. Take time to think and reflect in your most relaxed and calm time.

    Start dating again

    After some time, you can effectively forget him when you consider yourself getting back into the dating game. Give yourself a chance to fall in love again. This time, you have to be careful and not to rush things to enter into a relationship. Take time to know your date. When you are ready, don't give yourself completely because you do not know when heartbreak comes, and you will be hurt again.

    On the process of moving on after a break up, you have realized so many things. You appreciate more your life that you are loved and you are capable of loving. You have your true family and friends that are ready to support you all the way. You realize that being single can be very fun and exciting. Don't think of break up as the end, but it is just the start of wonderful things to come. You can cry and be hurt, but you see, there will be more laughter and fun times when you are ready in moving on after a break up, and one important lesson you can get from it: You learn to love and live life to the fullest without relationship and commitment.


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      One of the most vital things to do without delay after you break up with your ex is to get in touch with your friends again. Because you spend so much time with your boyfriend while you are in a relationship you don't have a lot of time for your friends. This is normal. It's not your fault that this happened. It's natural.

      To completely get over your ex-boyfriend you need to go straight to the source of your heartache. There is no point in lying in bed, crying and feeling sorry for yourself. You are smart enough and confident enough to take decisive action.