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    hey i want to become a singer but idk how to, can anyone tell me what to do

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    Your first step you will need to take in the process of how to become a singer is to find out your current level of ability. You cannot do this by singing for a friend or relative. You must either find someone that is already in the singing business or a person that teaches singing lessons.

    Most towns have talent shows and singing contests. Get started by learning as many songs as you can. Ask someone in the business or a teacher what types of songs you are best suited for. Sing out in the public every chance you can get, including at your local karaoke.

    You could search in your local yellow pages for people that offer singing lessons. You must do everything you can do to connect with a teacher or singer. Most individuals in the business or teachers can give you an idea how much training you will need to get started in this business.

    Once you have located a person that can point you in the right direction, ask them do they feel that you are ready to perform with a local band. If there answer is yes, you could find a band to sing with in less than a week. You will still need to take singing lesions over a period of time. Singing with a band will help you to grow much faster. If the answer is no, it is just going to take more time for you get to a basic level to get started.

    Once you have some of the basic skills, you can start to check out the local bands in your area. You can do this by going to local clubs that offer entertainment. If the band doesn't have a singer, tell them that you would like to join their group. If they are interested, they will want to hear you sing a song or two.

    If the first band doesn't work out, keep trying. Sooner or later, you will find a band that is willing to work with you.

    Next you will have to invest some time to learn the band songs. This is where most of the hard work comes in. But keep in mind this is where everyone gets started. Doing as many shows as possible with a band will help you to get the experience you need. No matter how good you maybe, you must get as much experience on stage as possible.

    After investing your time working with bands, you may start to get offers from a number of different individuals. Some people will want you to work with their band or claim that they can help you to get started in the recording business.

    A lot of different individuals will claim that they have something to offer, but if they are not connected with a recording company, they more than likely don't have much to offer. You should not waste your time with individuals that can't back up what they are saying. The bottom-line here is that, they couldn't do anything for you if they don't have any money or they are not connected to a good recording company. This includes individuals that have a small recording studio in their home or office.

    One of the best ways to check out a person that is with a recording company is to ask them how many hit records have they produced. If the answer is none, don't waste your time with their offer. There are always more individuals that are looking for singers to promote.

    You may not be able to get to the level that you need in 30 days. All you need to do is to get started by finding the best people that can point you in the right direction. This could be anyone that is in the business or a local music teacher.


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      Some talents are inborn while some talents can be nurtured. However, singing is one capability which cannot be demarcated so easily. While a person is born with a good voice, he or she has to train themselves to master the talent. Singing abilities are surely one of the most coveted talents, especially nowadays when there are so many reality shows that are ready to shower considerable amount of recognition to the budding singer. More often than not you will find singers who do not have formal training getting selected for the shows, this happens because their voice quality is very soothing however when they are matched with the trained voices they are certainly at loss.

      It is in these situations when you realize the importance of training but there is nothing to lose you heart because thee are many opportunities you can get to improve your singing talent. One of the best ways to train yourself is by enrolling yourself for Brett Manning's Systematic Vocal Training Program. The program is designed in such a way so as to give you the best of knowledge on the way you can enhance your singing talents. In the Systematic Vocal Training Program, Brett delivers his vast knowledge in music in 12 CDs.

      You may often find yourself in situations where you will feel totally frustrated with your singing. There may be circumstances when you will not be able to sing the songs that you have been asked to or the songs that you want to sing. In the case of female singers they may see that they flipped from their chest voice upto their head voice. It can really get very awkward, especially when the song goes even close to their break and the singer shifts into head voice that sounds like an opera. The situation is really tragic since you will never want to add an opera touch to your pop song. It is totally disastrous to mix opera with rock, pop and country styles.

      But after working with Systematic Vocal Training Program and Singing Success you will surely find a drastic change in your singing capabilities. You cannot fathom they joy you will have in listening to your own beautiful voice. This program will enhance your singing capabilities by increasing your range so that you can sing the high notes and the low notes with equal ease and do not sound as if you are straining your voice.

      This program will also see to it that you have better control over your voice. And added to all these advantages you will also be able to eliminate the disastrous opera note from your singing style. You will be able to sing through your break and not flip into head voice automatically. In the Brett training program this area of voice is referred to as the mix. Once you know what you have achieved through this training program you will realize that whatever you had spent on this program was really worth it. The first five CDs help you with the technique and three CDs will help you with the style and application. Order them now and enjoy your learning session.