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  • Neurotic female party of one.

    Well I have awful anxiety and I’m looking for tips from fellow suffers. I usually use my anxiety to push myself at work but sometimes it gets the best of me and I end up in panic attack situations. Is this weird or does my one else do this? I work in a fast paced environment where it’s easy to just let my adhd take the wheel to multitask and keep busy. But then I’m on overdrive once I’m stressed and go downhill.

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    I have similar experience, so you aren't alone. However, doing regular deep breathing exercise can help you. Breath in and count to 10, then breath out slowly by counting 1 - 10. This will be of great help to you.


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      I've had a panic and anxiety problem for over twenty years and for those, "over twenty years" almost every book I've ever read and every therapist I've ever been counseled by have told me how to avoid panic attacks. I do believe that I am an unofficial Yoga Master when it comes to meditation, a dietician, and an exercise guru.

      You see, I though that with enough meditation, enough of the right foods in the right quantities, properly performed exercise, and methodically applied prescribed medication that my anxiety wouldn't stand a chance and that I would be free to live my life as if I had never heard the phrase: "Panic Attack!" But, probably like you, I found that I was still having these terrifying and inconvenient episodes. I felt destined to have this limited life, where every trip to the store had to be planned in every detail: knowing where all the stoplights and stop signs were and of course the bathrooms. Let's not forget the bathrooms. And of course, my security blanket: A bottle of my hand dandy prescribed tranquilizer pills, just in case.

      I do not know how I found out about the, "Panic Away" program. All I know is that I found it.

      Barry MacDonogh, a one time suffer of panic attacks developed a program, that to me, flew in the face of logic and psychology. Here was a man telling me to not only invite panic into my life with open arms, but to give the panic permission to be as bad as it wanted to be. Strange as it sounds, as ingrained in avoided panic as my mind was, what he said...made sense.

      So, first off, when you think of the title of this program, "Panic Away," think of it this way. Remember the movie, "Sudden Impact," with Clint Eastwood playing, "Dirty" Harry Callaghan, pointing his big, bad.44 Magnum at the bad guys head and saying, "Go ahead, make my day"? Well, think of him saying, "Go ahead, Panic Away." MacDonogh teaches that trying to ignore panic thoughts and panic attacks is like trying to tell yourself, not to be happy or not to be hungry. The more energy we use to ignore what is already there, the fear of another panic attack, the stronger that thought gets. I realized he was right because all my energy was focusing in on not having what I already had...Panic.

      So, I bought the program and I watched the videos as MacDonogh talked to me and showed me that he knew what I was going through. I have to tell you that when I listened to him I saw a man who was really at peace. Someone who was confident and competent. He was no Snake Oil Salesman. What he was saying really clicked with me.

      I felt assured by his words that while panic was an unpleasant sensation, that no one had ever died from a panic attack or gone crazy. All these things I knew before, but he anticipated my thoughts and put me right as ease. It was a good place to start the program, just watching and listening to the information.

      He also has a 200+ page book that goes along with the program that reiterates what goes on in the video's plus a great deal of relevant information and practical applications and an easy to follow outline of what you need to be doing each and everyday. There is a section on his website to journal and to keep track of your anxiety level, plus, if you want to try using the online therapist for one week for one dollar, you can. After that, the price is $97.00/month. I would recommend this for people who are new to taking on their anxiety issues. For me, I passed on the offer, just because I have a lot of experience working programs and am familiar with the flow of them.

      MacDonogh also addresses setbacks. Some days will be good and others bad as you start challenging your panic and anxiety. He puts a nice lighthearted face on your anxiety. It is a wonderful approach to things.

      He also touches on meditation, medication, visual imagery, and diet. It is a very holistic approach to the subject. What I personally like the most is that he doesn't downgrade the importance of medication. I am still on several anti-depressants and know the good they have done me. He doesn't pass judgment in that area. He didn't create the program to tell those on medication that they are on the wrong path. He created the program to help all who have a problem with anxiety.

      I also like that the program isn't that expensive, to me, anyway...around $67.00. I also liked that if the program didn't work for me, I could return it in 60 days, no questions asked. I've bought other products through the company that distributes, "Panic Away" and I have never had a problem with returning anything. Period.

      I have seldom felt so strong about a program such as this. It has changed and is continuing to change my life for the better each day. For me, this program is great. It may be for you as well. If you are looking to find a program that addresses your panic and anxiety issue, give, "Panic Away" a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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        As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, I have found other ways to stop panic attacks. I try to cure anxiety now without medicine, and I have seen dramatic improvement over the last few years, completely drug free. So what are some natural ways to stop panic attacks from happening?

        Go for a run - Sometimes anxiety attacks can make you feel as though you need an escape. An excellent solution is to run, or even run in place. The physical activity will help take your mind off the panic attack, and it works well as panic treatment.

        Use pressure points - during a panic attack, your chest tightens up, and it may be difficult to breathe. You can alleviate some of this by pressing down on the base of your sternum, just below the xiphoid process (the same place you give a person CPR). This is a pressure point for the chest, and putting some pressure here will loosen up your chest and cure panic attacks.

        Do something with your hands - some people can scratch themselves, or wring their hands raw during an anxiety attack. Keep your hands occupied. This will take your mind off your panic disorder, and will help keep you from harming yourself. Tossing a ball from one hand to another is a good panic treatment.

        Breathe - It's easy to hyperventilate during a panic attack. A good way to stop panic attacks is to invest in a metronome. When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, turn on the metronome, and begin to breathe to a specific rhythm that feels comfortable for you. This beat will help regulate your heartbeat as well as your breathing.

        Try something natural - There are many natural supplements that can help deal with panic attacks. St. John's Wort is a popular herb for depression, but it can also help with anxiety disorders too, as both problems often stem from chemical imbalances in the brain. Other traditional herbs can help alleviate the discomfort of anxiety attacks as well.

        Look deeper - If your panic attacks aren't strictly due to a chemical imbalance, try to pinpoint what things in your environment trigger them. Do certain thoughts make you feel anxious or afraid? Smells? People? If you find a pattern in your panic attacks, you can seek therapy to help you encounter these things without an anxiety attack. If you see someone who recommends medication, remind them firmly that you would like a natural cure for panic attacks. Anxiety disorders can be handles quite well with some training and patience, and I will never return to the dull feeling of medicating myself after learning to manage anxiety without drugs.