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  • Can't Find A Perfect Woman Online

    I am amazed that some people are such a fan of online dating.

    They make it sound like a veritable Garden of Eden for men looking for a relationship or marriage.

    The experiences of my friends and I do not mirror the luck some people seem to have had and we live in a good market here in Southern California.

    In our experiences the women we encounter are never as good looking as their pictures, frequently lie about their weight and age (and sometimes even their marital status), and have all sorts of emotional baggage.

    The few that do have their acts together and look half way decent are so inundated with responses that they don't reply to anyone or are simply on the sites to feed their egos.

    So who really needs to get involved with women that have more problems than we do?

    I am just curious how guys were able to develop this great stock of women to choose from and how you avoided kissing a veritable army of toads before you found your princess?

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    Hello Davis,

    Man, I've been EXACTLY where you are before...way back in 2003 shortly after my divorce.

    But sure enough, after TONS of "trial and error" I finally cracked the code when it comes to online dating and started seeing TREMENDOUS success.

    But I assure you that "luck" had nothing to do with it.

    I've got some BAD NEWS and some GOOD NEWS for you and your friends.

    First, the BAD NEWS.

    A staggering percentage of guys who try online dating end up as frustrated as you guys are.

    Very few men see any success whatsoever, and MOST quit in shame and disgust within 90 days (and that's generous).

    Almost invariably, so many fail at online dating simply because they have NO IDEA how it really works and/or NO IDEA how to truly get a quality woman's attention...and keep it.

    On the other hand, there's GOOD promised.

    (And by the way, since I'm officially "retired" from online dating nowadays, of course, I don't mind sharing this with you--although I would have been CRAZY to back in '04 or '05 when my online dating life was firing on all cylinders.)

    Here's it is: Guys who DO know the ropes literally end up with ALL
    the women...even as they do better at screening out the "wannabes".

    And amazingly, there's a practical "secret" these guys know that literally separates them from the herd.

    Perhaps the best news of all is that their "secret" is 100% repeatable by just about any guy.

    What's the "secret"?

    Almost invariably, guys who really do well at online dating have the golden advantage of having learned from someone else.

    That's right. They've gone to another guy who knows the shortcut to winning at online dating.

    And by "winning" I mean getting most of the women you really want to meet to respond to first e-mails, actually meeting them in person AND having them actually meet your real-world expectations because you screened them effectively.

    That's IT. That's ALL there is to it.

    But hold on a easy as it all sounds, the weird part is these guys STILL remain a very small minority.

    Why is that?

    Well, ironically enough, it's because to join their exclusive ranks literally requires a man to break stride from what arguably is his very nature as a man.

    You see, as much of a cliché as it is, it's absolutely true that most guys will NEVER, EVER ask for matter HOW "lost" they get.

    Further, for whatever reason most guys will NEVER invest in their own success as far as women go.

    College? Sure.

    The driving range? Absolutely.

    Skills with women? Nope...they'll "wing it", even to the bitter end.

    Meanwhile, those few guys who are actually meeting the finest women you see online are fully capitalizing on this huge tactical error made by the vast majority of guys.

    And to them, it's a beautiful thing that the rest of their fellow
    brethren online remain clueless.

    Here's the real-world truth about how all of this pans out, in plain English.

    Since women are not usually so interested in dating multiple men at once, if a certain guy can narrow down a search to say, ten first-tier women and then end up meeting 6-8 of them, it stands to reason that VERY FEW guys can possibly be experiencing that level of success.

    It's just simple arithmetic. The hottest women on a dating site are the extreme minority...I'll grant you that. So when one guy has six or eight of them, he's basically not leaving much for anyone else

    So yes, to the guys who are failing at it, online dating looks like a hopeless venture at best and an outright scam at worst.

    Meanwhile, for the guys who "get it" it's like shooting fish in a barrel.


    Again, having been BOTH of those guys before, I really can tell you that it takes skill more than it takes luck, without question.

    And no...regardless of what you might want to believe, your level of success has little to do with what your stat sheet looks like.

    I'm living proof of that (and haven't heard anyone successfully argue the contrary on my behalf yet, either!)

    So then, what can you do right now to start ascending to the head of the pack here?

    We've already established that if you really want results, you just can't "wing it" anymore.


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      Dennis, thank you for you advice.


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        How do you define perfect David? Like they say each and every human being has imperfections. It's very difficult to get a perfect date, whether it is men or women. You have to adjust each other to continue the relationship. The best thing you can do is to find some sites which help you to find people with your interest.
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