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What is it like to join a dating site?



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  • What is it like to join a dating site?

    My friend, Joel, is happily married to a Filipina. He met her while participating a Singles Tour in Philippines held by A Foreign Affair.
    For 6 months, I saw nothing in my friend’s face but happiness. He’s always proud of her whenever we meet. I guess, I’ll give AFA a shot!

    So, I opened the website. I browsed and browsed. I viewed some of the profiles. I read the women’s profiles. I scanned some of their pictures.
    I looked eagerly and the service is a little interesting. Now, which of these women should I choose? A lot of choices are given here: Asian, European, Latinas, Russians.

    I might try to get involved with the women of the Philippines also. I want to experience what my friend is experiencing now. Should I really delve into AFA’s service?
    What is it like to join such site? I need your advice before I do so. I don’t want scammers, if you know what I mean. Thanks y’all!

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    What woman should you choose?
    None of us can tell you that man. Choose whoever is the most attractive to you on a emotional, mental, and physical level. Pick someone you think you may truly have a connection with, and worry less about where she's from, in my opinion.

    Glad your friend had a positive experience. Personally I'd never sign up for a dating site where I knew it would have to be long distance, that's just adding complications and hurdles to overcome before you've even fallen in love.


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      You are the best person to make the choice of the woman you want, no one can do that for you.