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  • Just a random thought

    One rainy evening, I was at our balcony pondering about things.

    Then a random thought came by. What if I get married?...

    That thought came as a flash in my mind. I was hit by the fact that I’ve been

    single for 5 years already... yes, just like other men, I need that special someone whom

    I can be with for the rest of my life. I want to be in a relationship where love is evident and

    happiness can be seen in our eyes.

    This thought led to the question: Where to find a single woman to date for marriage?

    So I decided to surf the internet. While I was busy searching for sources, online dating

    came out. But knowing the negative sides of online dating, I decided not to delve into those.

    Then a certain website came out again.

    The website features matchmaking much more than online dating.

    The site consists of services which advocates in helping single men find true love like

    singles tour or romance tour. They also have thousands of foreign women listed.

    These women are so gorgeous. I continued by browsing through their profiles.

    This site left me to the thinking if I should use it or not. I wonder what opportunities would it

    give me if I join the flock of men enjoying its service. What do you think guys?

    Is it worth trying? What kind of services should I keep an eye-on for its legitimacy?

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    Personally I think online dating can be great, but that it's pointless to look over seas for love, because you're just complicating things before the relationship even begins. Much better to meet someone local who you can have a connection with and actually meet to see if that connection follows through in reality.


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      Online dating is good, but make sure you watch out for scams. A lot of people out there are fake, so just be careful.