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  • International dating changed my mind

    Before, I really don’t like the idea of “foreign marriage”. I felt like it’s a waste of money, very time consuming, and a headache. I had a relationship with a woman from Europe. We broke up a month after we met. I trusted her so much, but she took me for granted. I had a trauma after that. Right then, I promised myself not to date a foreign woman again. But that thinking changed when I involved myself with A Foreign Affair. I know this matchmaking site involves dating with foreign women, but I still took the risk. After attending the agency’s tour in Asia, I met an incredible woman named Marilyn. We’ve been dating for six months already and I can say that it was the best six months of my life. I travel to the Philippines every other month just to see her. If I’m at the States, I always do skype with her. I realized that not all women from off-shore countries are that bad. Well, in other areas maybe. I am grateful I met Marilyn. With those months of dating, I saw not just a beautiful woman but a loving, caring, and selfless woman as well. I’m confident enough that she loves me. After a careful thinking, I decided to propose to her next month. What do you think would be the best way to propose? Do you think it’s time to settle down already? Do you guys think I should marry her? I hope to hear from y’all.

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    We all know too well that women dream of their big day from a very young age, some experts even say that they are thinking of colour schemes and flower arrangements whilst still drinking imaginary cups of tea and playing dress up with their friends!

    OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but do not underestimate the amount of thought that your girlfriend will have put into this before marriage even crossed your mind! For this reason, it is imperative that you come up with some kind of mind blowing and ingenious way of proposing. Let's face it, the day that you propose is a close second in the pecking order to your actual wedding day, get this wrong and the latter may never happen!

    Recent studies have shown that with regards to marriage proposals, it really is the thought that counts. Quite simply spending a lot of money on a flash restaurant or something similar sometimes just does not cut it. Recent reports have shown that your girlfriend or partner will be more moved and overwhelmed by your proposal if they can see that you have put a lot of thought into it. Often a subtle and understated proposal can be more effective than something extravagant.

    It goes without saying that nobody knows your girlfriend/partner as well as you do, therefore, your proposal needs to be tailored to suite her, e.g. If your girlfriend suffers from vertigo, do not take her on a hot air balloon ride to propose... Know your audience!

    Below is a selection of some of the best ways to present your partner with her engagement ring.

    1) A Romantic weekend away for two.

    It is always popular to whisk your loved one away to a romantic location such as Paris or Venice for a weekend. Could this be the perfect setting for that all important question?

    2) A Meal in your favourite restaurant

    If you and your partner have a favourite restaurant this could be a good place to propose, a place where she feels comfortable and holds good memories for you both.

    3) A Message in the Local Paper

    A great way to "pop the question", a romantic proposal in your local paper.

    4) Propose At the First Place That You Met Her

    Now this is probably not a good idea if you first met in the queue at Burger King, but if the location is suitable this is a sure way to win her heart.

    5) A Beach in an Exotic Location

    Clear blue water and white sand, you on one knee as the sun sets.... could she say refuse?

    6) A Romantic Picnic

    Not recommended during the winter! A romantic picnic offers simplicity and subtleness but an effective way to approach things.

    7) Propose At Christmas

    Proposing at Christmas has always been a popular one; things such as putting the ring in a Christmas cracker or replacing the angel or star on the tree with the engagement ring should work well.

    8) Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Propose to your partner whilst drifting across the horizon.

    9) Birthday Card

    If it is your partners' birthday, take her breakfast in bed with her birthday card. When she opens the card she will find a card saying happy birthday fiancée, which is when you present her with the engagement ring.

    10) One knee/Rose in Mouth

    The good old fashioned way, down on one knee with a rose in your mouth

    11) Propose On the Radio

    If you know that your partner will be listening to the radio at a certain time, call your local station propose live on air.

    12) Engrave a Piece Of Jewellery

    Buy your partner some new jewellery, maybe a watch or something similar; get the words "marry me" engraved onto the jewellery.

    13) Turn Up At Work

    A great way to propose, turn up at your partners office armed with champagne and an engagement ring.

    14) Message in A Bottle

    Many companies online offer this service. Have a message in a bottle delivered to your loved one with your proposal inside the bottle. Particularly effective if you are working overseas or not able to be there in person

    15) Bake a Cake

    Bake your partner a cake with the words "will you marry me" on the top.

    16) Make A Sign

    If you know that your girlfriend travels to work using the same route everyday, why not make a big sign saying "will you marry me" and hang it over a nearby bridge or something similar

    17) With Your Family & Friends

    Organise a surprise party and invite all of your family and friends around, propose to her in front of them all.

    18) On the Big Screen

    If you are planning to attend a sporting event or something similar, arrange for your proposal to come up on the big screen

    19) On the Bathroom Mirror

    A subtle way to ask the one you love to marry you. Run her a nice hot bath, ensuring that it is hot enough to generate enough steam to write "will you marry me" on the bathroom mirror.

    20) Breakfast in Bed

    Take your partner breakfast in bed and present her engagement ring with a rose and champagne.

    21) Alphabety Spaghetti

    A fun and quirky way to pop the question, make your partner lunch and create the words "will you marry me" in alphabety spaghetti.

    22) Banner in the Sky

    Arrange a trip with your partner, maybe even a picnic; get her to watch the sky as a plane flies by trailing the words "Will you marry me?"

    23) Inside a Kinder Egg

    Carefully cut the kinder egg open with a knife and place the ring inside. Heat the cut edges of the kinder egg and reseal it. This surely will be the best ever Kinder Surprise?

    24) Jack in the Box

    Well maybe it won't be Jack in the box but it could be you in a box. Find a box which is big enough for you to fit inside. Go to your girlfriends work and get the receptionist to go and tell your girlfriend that there is a big parcel waiting for her in reception; when she come to the parcel you appear armed with an engagement ring and rose.

    25) Swap Her Rings Around

    If your girlfriend or partner takes her rings off when she goes to bed, try and swap the rings so that when she goes to put her jewellery on in the morning, she finds a sparkling engagement ring instead of her usual jewellery.

    26) A Tattoo

    Granted this idea is out there and quite wild, but if body art is your thing, this could be a great idea. Get "will you marry me" tattooed somewhere on your body.

    27) Fill the Room With Flowers

    Make sure that you finish work before your partner and fill your house with flowers, when she comes home she will find you down on one knee ready to ask the question.

    28) A Trail Of Rose Petals

    Create a trail with rose petals leading to where you are down on one knee with a rose in your mouth and Engagement Ring in your hand.

    29) Four Balloons

    Arrange for fours balloons to be sent to her office, the balloons should read "will you marry me". It may even be better to take them there yourself.

    30) A Romantic Poem

    Come up with heartfelt and romantic words to melt her heart before proposing

    31) Fridge Magnets

    Write the words "will you marry me" on the fridge in magnets

    32) Create a Web Page

    Create a web page declaring your love and the story of your life together.

    33) A Special Place

    Many couples have a place that is special to them, a great idea is to take them back to that place and present the engagement ring there.

    34) A Treasure Hunt

    Try and get your partner and a few friends to take part in a treasure hunt; I think we all know who will find the treasure and what the prize will be!

    35) Sky Writing

    Organise for a sky writing company to spell out your proposal whilst you are ready with the engagement ring below.

    36) Inside a Fortune Cookie

    Organise for the message within a fortune cookie to be "will you marry me", you should then be ready with your engagement ring.

    37) A Puppies Collar

    Buy a gorgeous little puppy and have the engagement ring tied onto a bow around the dogs' collar. Remember a dog is for life not just for proposals!

    38) A Romantic Boat Trip

    If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean or a lake, take your partner on a romantic boat trip and propose whilst drifting on the ocean.

    39) Hide the Ring Inside A Cake

    Having the engagement ring inside a cake is always going to be a big surprise for your partner. Just make sure that she does not swallow it.

    40) Propose on Valentine's Day

    Wait until Valentine's Day and use any of the methods above to ask the one that you love to be your wife.

    However you plan to propose to your partner, showing that you have put thought and effort into your proposal is vital. It is important that you try and understand how you think that they would like you to propose to them. If your partner is quite a shy person, then a public or overstated proposal is probably not going to be the best approach to take. Making your proposal as personal and unique to your relationship as possible is going to show that you have put time and effort into it.

    Once you have decided how and when you are going to propose you need to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Now we all know that Diamonds are a woman's best friend, so it would be a great idea to shop around for the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring.


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      If you don't want to go down the path of the same old wedding proposal ideas, if you're looking for creative ways to propose that will ensure your girl says yes, then read on.

      Your about to ask the most important question of your life, you are going to propose to the girl of your dreams but you don't want your wedding proposal to be a stock standard, dull and unimaginative one, after all you want her to be impressed and says yes don't you?

      The first thing you need to do to come up with creative wedding proposal ideas, is to get in touch with what your girl likes most and what is likely to make her happy.

      For example let's say she is into theatre big time, find out what shows she absolutely loves (you will probably already know this if you have been together for some time) what better way to propose than to get her a box at her favorite show, you want to find something fun like a musical or love story, then at the climax of the show, when everyone else is busy applauding, turn to your girl, look into her eyes and with ring in hand ask her to marry you. She will be so overjoyed she won't be able to do anything but say yes, she will remember that moment forever.

      This is but one example, it doesn't matter if your girl is into sports, travel, outdoors or even bungee jumping there is the perfect proposal for everyone, you just have to get in touch with what your girl likes and do some creative thinking.