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  • Confused conversation

    So my friend and i talk a lot online/texting etc. Multiple times per day. To be fair, i probably am usually too quick to respond - as i tend to respond as soon as i receive a text. Last night i got an innocuous text - about a conversation she had had with someone. No drama - just sharing a story. I really wasn't in a mood to talk - so i read it, didn't respond. Went about my way, did a treadmill workout, etc. 2 hours later, i get an emoji text that says "Pay Some Attention to Me". So, not sure how to take it - and not really looking to chat - i just responded - Uh oh.....

    I then get a giggle emoji text back - which i ignore. A couple of minutes later - a text that says, ok night. We do tend to talk most nights, but not every night.

    This morning i get a text emoji that says - You mad bro? I responded - bro? Why would i be mad? She then follows it up with a Sorry - meant for XXXXX.

    Now, i have sent her texts where she hasn't responded - never lost sleep over it. If it were truly important, i could always reach out again about it later..... Her response last night and this morning confuses me. Now, sure it is possible that the question about being mad was intended for someone else. The pay some attention to me actually made me a little nervous - even though she played it off as a joke later.

    Tell me i am just overthinking this.....

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    There's a good chance she feels embarrassed and doesn't want to let it on because you two have a good lighthearted dynamic. The confusing part to me is why did you simply ignore her and not tell her that you were tired or in the middle of something and suggest chatting another time? You're the one who's confusing.


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      Sometimes, what your mind tells you is always right. You aren't overthinking it, but your mind might just be telling you the truth.


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        Women wants attention, and it seem you didn't give her the attention she deserves. She is simply not happy with you, so you aren't overthinking it.


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          In my opinion she’s trying to get your attention. I was a playerette (female version of a player) in my younger days but I honestly pulled the exact same card on a guy once. Just to get his attention. I mean come on. Signs are all here. Multiple texts. The oops I texted the wrong person. Like she’s showing you “I’m busy living my life talking to other people.” Yet the message goes to you. So give the girl a bone. Lol. But really I bet you she’s just tired of being ghosted