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What to Say If He Shows You His Penis



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  • What to Say If He Shows You His Penis

    I've been doing online dating lately trying to find some nice guys to go out with. I'm no prude or anything (I love sex with the right guy) but it seems like every time I meet a guy online he almost IMMEDIATELY sends me a picture of his penis. What the hell?

    Why do guys do that?

    What kind of reaction are they expecting?

    Hasn't anybody SOCIALIZED these guys. Aren't there any guys out there who are actually interested in dating and meeting a nice girl or are they just looking to hook up?"

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    Thank you for your question and giving me the opportunity to talk about a serious problem afflicting dating sites and cell phones throughout the world.

    I am talking of course about the Dick Pic epidemic.

    And yes Stef I have had this one a couple of years back as writing my reply to you has reminded me that even I have had this one myself from men who for some strange reason thought I was a woman or gay... crazy stuff!

    Across America... Europe... Asia and across the whole world millions of men are sending millions of dick pics to millions and millions of women and even men!?

    And it has got to stop as Dick Picitis is a serious problem.

    So let us quickly cover WHY many men feel the need to show you their junk like a prized buck they killed in the wild and EXACTLY how you as a woman who is trying to meet a nice man and get to know him BEFORE seeing his trouser snake... should handle it.

    Why He Wants To Show You His Cucumber?

    I will share with you a psychological concept called Projective Empathy.

    The short version of Projective Empathy is that we as humans have a tendency to assume that other people think the same... react the same and want the same things we do.

    This means that women tend to assume that men think like women for instance...

    "If I said nothing when he asked me what I was thinking about it would actually mean I was really mad and was hiding something so HE must be hiding something."

    And it means men have the tendency to assume that women have the same crazy surface level libido and addiction to visual stimulation that us men do.

    What is going through these mens mind is...

    "If a woman I barely knew sent me a picture of her naked breasts I would be REALLY happy about it."

    And then he grabs his cell phone and shoves it down his pants and hits send and what he is HOPING will happen by the way is that you will see his cucumber will have a magical and hypnotic effect on you.

    That just the sight of it will unhook the rational parts of your mind and turn you into a ravenous sexing fiend.

    That the image of his beautiful wonderful cucumber will become an obsession for you and that you will crawl over broken glass to see it in person and that you will WANT it and maybe even the man attached to it more than you want air... food... water... shelter or love.

    He is hoping you will really like his dick and that by showing it to you he will get to skip all the courting and romancing and foreplay and get right to the sexing.

    Tangentially this actually works for gay men as gay men send dick pics... chest pics and other stuff all the time and it often leads directly to a hook up.

    Now this fantasy is DUMB as the vast majority of men would NEVER send a dick pic to a woman they barely knew if the damned internet did not make it so incredibly easy to be a pervert.

    You asked in your question...

    "Aren't there any guys out there who are actually interested in dating and meeting a nice girl or are they just looking to hook up?"

    And the answer is...

    Kind of and YES there are real Men out there.

    With online dating in particular you are going to find a lot of men who ARE looking for a nice girl to date and get to know better and maybe even marry and have kids and buy a home with and let us be honest here they are ALSO looking to hook up if they can.

    These are not mutually exclusive ideas... especially in the mind of a man and JUST because a man sends you a dick pic does not NECESSARILY mean he is a shallow perv and he MIGHT be a really nice man who is totally Boyfriend Material or he MIGHT be a total creep weirdo.

    So how do you handle it when a man sends you a Dick Pic WAY too early?

    Well you have got some options...

    Here is a whole bunch of Dick picitis destroying responses.

    Some of these are from amazing women I know...

    1... "Oh it is so CUTE does it come in a larger size?"

    2... Send him a picture of your elbow and when he responds say...

    "I thought we were playing the body part game and I want to see the heel of your left foot next."

    3... "What is that it looks like a cucumber only a lot smaller."

    4... "Um wow... I do not know how to tell you this... I actually trained to be a nurse and you NEED to have that looked at right away... I am so sorry."

    5... "Oh I have always wanted something to put my Barbie clothes on."

    Be careful with this one as some men are really kinky!

    6... "Where's the rest of the hand all I see is a pinky."

    7... "Oh thank you as my last boyfriend had a big one and I just do not think I could handle that again... your small size."

    8... "Here is mine!"

    Send him a picture of a MUCH bigger cucumber.

    Be creative in your response Stef and if the man is really a creep you can also just delete him... block him and move on with your life.

    If you send one of these lines and the man actually manages to reply in a witty and interesting way he MIGHT still be worth talking to.

    If he gets mad or weird or ashamed... move on.

    For the men reading this...


    No woman wants to see your cucumber unless she knows she is the one who inspired your erection and unless she is already attracted to you.


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      Thanks for the words of wisdom , Victoria!


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        I know it's stupid, I get it all the time. I just put them on the block list so it helps narrow them down pretty quickly!


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          yes you are right shufelt