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Visiting my Filipina girlfriend. How to prepare for my visit?



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  • Visiting my Filipina girlfriend. How to prepare for my visit?

    I need advice for my first visit to the Philippines. I’ll be visiting my girlfriend of six months. We met on A Foreign Affair about a year ago. I’m really excited to meet her in person.

    Based on our recent conversations, I can assume she has a good character and a really sweet person. She’s also gorgeous, the type of beauty that I love, but unfortunately can’t find in my area.

    I’ve lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts for about ten years now and have travelled outside of the country only once. I earn quite a significant amount monthly which is my main source of income for my incoming travel. I’m still curious about the average amount I have to have with me before leaving.

    How much do travellers usually spend for two weeks? Can I use my credit card in case of emergencies?

    My girlfriend is helping me find accommodation near her place. Should I send her money ahead for payments or do I pay it when I arrive? She also said that she doesn’t have a car or any other vehicle for transportation.

    She suggested we just take public vehicles during my visit. Do I need to worry about that? Are the cab fares in the Philippines expensive?

    What else do I need to prepare for my visit? Any travel tips for my trip?

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    It will be more fun taking a public vehicle, that way you get to explore a lot of place.

    Have a great time!


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      You need to go with a lot of money, so you don't get stranded. Don't rely so much on ATM rather go with cash as much as possible, ATM's can fail.


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        If it's your first time visiting the country call Philippines, you will be having so much fun.

        (How much do travellers usually spend for two weeks?) - It depends on the places your about to travel. Rates are different in every region. I think 3000 dollor is enough for the both of you. But you have to choose a cheapest hotel but with a good ambience.

        (Can I use my credit card in case of emergencies?) - Yes ofcourse you can use your card but you have to notify your bank first.

        (Are the cab fares in the Philippines expensive? ) - No, Cab fare is cheap.

        You just have to be more cautious with the people around you.

        Have a great time there!


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          I wouldn't send money ahead of time. Not to be skeptical, but until you meet this girl you don't know if you're being catfished or strung along to get used. I hope that's not the case, but there is no sense in you risking your money as well as your heart.
          Look up some travel blogs for the area you're going to, it's really the best way to get a feel for the different ways you can travel and experience a specific area.

          Have fun!