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What's the most frustrating part of dating for you?



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  • What's the most frustrating part of dating for you?

    Hey guys,

    I'm curious what for you is the most frustrating part of dating or the part that you have the most problems with?

    Also from a girl's perspective, what's the part that annoys you or you hate that guys do(or don't do) during dating, or at a first date, or even when they approach you?

    For me the biggest problem in dating was always approaching a girl during the day. I would always get very nervous because I thought of a million things that could go wrong or that I would run out of things to say so I would talk myself out of it.

    Now my biggest is long term relationships and knowing exactly what I actually want in a long term relationship and what type of girl I'd like to be with.

    Would love to know what everyone else is dealing with and what you find difficult.

    Thanks guys!

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    I'm turned off by guys who can't express how they feel.


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      My frustration is approaching women, I'm really scared of being rejected. I just can't stand being rejected by a woman.


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        For me, the fear of rejection is my problem. Girls can really embarrass guys at times.