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Does she like me?



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  • Does she like me?

    Basically I like this girl but I'm not sure if she likes me?


    1. She said I have really pretty eyes
    2. She always compliments me when I look nice
    3. She always texts back and can hold long conversations
    4. People say we look good together
    5. I've caught her looking at me quite a bit

    1. She's very shy and doesn't text first
    2. She always seems more shy and awkward around me than other people
    3. She can't take a compliment from me

    It's the being shy with me that I struggle with. I'm quite a confident loud person at work and she seems very timid around me. I'm not sure if it's intimidation or not.

    Her friends are very weird and she can do a lot better. I'm not as close to her as some of her friends and it just makes me wonder why? I'm not sure if I'm too intimidating for her to think she can talk to me first or hang out with me or she's just not interested in me. I'm a joker and I'm not sure if my flirting and compliments are taken seriously by her.

    I want to be close with her but I feel like I'm doing all the work. I know that's how it can be but I don't want to waste my time if she's not bothered about me. I just struggle to get close with her. she does open up to me and I've helped her with problems in the past but I don't want to be that guy someone uses when they have nobody else.

    I used to be shy myself and I know it's hard to talk to someone who is louder. It makes you feel like your not good enough for them even to be close friends.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Originally posted by DuckyD View Post
    It's the being shy with me that I struggle with.
    She's shy around you because she is attracted to you, it's normal for us to act this way when we are really attracted to someone. She definitely likes you, so go for her if you like her.

    Good luck.


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      Women are by and large indecisive about lots of things. What outfit should I wear, what is my favorite flavor of ice cream and most importantly, what is my favorite pair of shoes to wear with this skirt.. :-) Of course I'm being a little bit facetious, but the one thing that we are DEFINITELY not indecisive about is how we feel about a guy that we really like. If a woman really likes you, there is no dispute. Her friends know, her mom may know, but you may NEVER know unless she makes the first move! I have seen a lot of good guys miss out on chances with really good looking girls who were an absolutely great catch, just because he never figured out whether she liked him, or not! And sadly, he never made the move so everyone loses. Don't let this happen to you. If you see any of these signs from a girl you like, but aren't sure how she feels about you, you better make your move because she WANTS you to!

      If EVERY time you see this girl she is dressed up, or has lipstick on, this is a dead giveaway she likes you. Any self respecting woman with a killer crush on a cute guy would never show up unannounced without lipstick! Even the smartest, most career oriented friends of mine ( who are beautiful too!) will fall into an absolute panic if a guy they like bumps into us while they have no lipstick on. Quirky, but true - check it out, if she's got it on always, or putting it on while you are there, she likes you (or one of your friends!)

      Does she laugh at all of your jokes? Even the stupid, silly and decidedly UN-funny ones of the bunch? If this happens a lot, she likes you. Women can be super catty about un-funny guys as friends, if she's still laughing, you are in luck, big time!

      How about football? Does she make a big deal about the game on Sunday? Is she volunteering to bring over food because she "wants to watch the game"? If she's making excuses to come over and cheer on the team, or goes out of her way to let you know SHE is a big fan in her own right, she's probably lying, and likes you..:-) I've done this many times and even joined a fantasy football league to prove my sincerity. Trust me, I would have preferred to be shopping. But when you REALLY like a guy, you want to make sure he knows you're on board, and we do silly things sometimes to get the point across in a subtle way. It's your job to learn the signals we are giving you, and I'm not talking about the ones in the huddle, either. And if she's sitting there with you on Sunday fetching the chips while you cheer like a maniac, believe me, her mind is not on the game..;-)


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        Well, here are a couple very REAL ways to gauge her interest levels.

        Does She Like Me, Or Is It Just My Imagination?

        For most, it is probably just their imagination. So many men get so caught up in lust that their minds look for signs that may not always be there.

        Here are some REAL indications:

        1. Let Her Eyes Tell You

        When she is smiling, does she hold strong eye contact with you? This is almost a clear indication that she is interested in you. Believe it or not, eyes cannot lie.

        If she is holding strong eye contact, especially when she is smiling, she sees something she likes. Nice job!

        2. Does She Lean?

        Okay, for this one, you need to know that you should never lean into a conversation. It gives of a needy vibe that you are desperate to hold onto her attention. Remember, you are the sexiest, coolest guy ever. You don't need to worry about holding ANYONE'S attention.

        So, with that out of the way, does SHE lean into you at all?

        This is clear sign of interest because she is willing to put forth a little extra "effort" to keep the conversation going. It is also a good sign because she feels comfortable getting in your personal space a bit.

        Just feel her vibe, and you will be able to get an honest answer as to whether or not she's into you.


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          maybe it's only attraction, maybe it's love, if she loves you her eyes tell you everything, all girls are shy and they do not express their feeling first, perhaps she wants to you to express your feeling first,