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How to get him back?



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  • How to get him back?

    We had a breakup last few weeks and i want him back
    how can i get him
    he is not ready to patchup inspite of mi begging him and everyone convincing him to do so
    please help me through this
    i dont want to let him go
    The reason for breakup according to him was my behavior
    I used to irritate him
    Im realizing it n im being sorry for it
    How can i convince him and get him back?
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    If you're serious about having a future with the man you adore, you have to be willing to do just one very important thing. You've got to ignore him.

    That likely seems crazy given the fact that all you really want is to be back in his arms. How can you possibly achieve that if you're ignoring him? The answer is simple. The driving force behind wanting someone back, and what you're feeling right now is rejection. It's a horrible feeling. It makes you feel sad and alone. That's why learning how to get back together with your boyfriend includes understanding how vital it is to make him feel that same rejection.

    Here's how you'll go about accomplishing it. Call him up when you're calm. This is very important. You don't want your emotions running the show. Tell him that you're sorry for whatever you did that played a part in the relationship falling apart. Be sincere. Then tell him that you've been thinking and you were also considering breaking up. Try not to cry when you're saying this. After that, wish him well and tell him to take care. Then you should end the call and not contact him again for a few weeks. If you can do this, and you can remain controlled and focused during the weeks following, he'll come looking for you. Men can't tolerate the feeling of rejection. It drives them to want back whatever is rejecting them. Before you know it, your ex will be the one who wants you to come back to him.


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      If you feel an undeniable emotional connection to your ex boyfriend, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be trying to get him back. Many people, likely some of your own friends and family members, will tell you that once a relationship comes to an end, the best thing you can do is put it behind you and move on. That's impossible, as you know, if you are still in love with him. Developing a plan to get him back is what will give you the best chance of reconciliation. One important part of that plan needs to be to accept that the relationship has changed, for now.

      Many women fight tooth and nail against a break up because they still love their ex so deeply. Doing this feels like the right thing to do but it's your emotions that are controlling your actions. You need to take a step back and look at the situation from a place of logic. If your ex boyfriend has told you that he wants some time and space and you don't give him that, the only message he's going to receive is that you really don't respect his needs. You need to accept that he's not your boyfriend anymore, right now. If you can do that, you've already make the first step towards getting back together.

      Keeping some sort of connection alive is imperative if you want to get him back. That's why it's such a great idea to bring up the idea of the two of you becoming platonic friends. Most men are completely open to this and they in fact, welcome it. You should use it as a bridge to something more in the future. For now, show him that you can be supportive, fun and easygoing. Don't get into any discussions about what went wrong between you two. You also don't want to quiz him about his dating status. If you seem uninterested, it will actually spike his interest in you more. Anytime a man feels a woman he cares about is slipping away from him emotionally, he'll try to draw her back in. That's exactly what will happen if your ex boyfriend realizes that he may actually be on the brink of losing you, in a romantic sense, forever.


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        He has blocked me for now on all social sites
        Next month is our anniversary day, will arranging a surprise n proposing him on that day will work?or should I wait for more time?
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