I think that most of us as women love those "movie moments", don't we?

You know what I mean, right?

When you least expect it, a great guy appears out of nowhere and introduces himself to you in a dashing, confident matter that takes your breath away.

In the movies it always seems like "boy meets girl" right at the perfect time, doesn't it?

Either they meet while walking their dogs in the park, bump into each other in the grocery store, or end up face to face with each other in the most romantic spot imaginable.

But in real life? Not so much. Right?

If we have guys come up to us at all, they likely just say something quick and leave just as quickly. Isn't that kind of weird?

And, of course, getting whistled at by construction workers and/or "hit on" by a slightly inebriated guy at a bar or two along the way hardly count as "movie moments".

So where are all these guys we WANT to meet hiding?

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Name:	225728090_0521_couple_talking_sm_xlarge.jpeg
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ID:	13261Well, guess what?

They're REALLY out there.

There's just one small problem. As a group, they're generally nothing short of TERRIFIED to talk to us.

I know what you're thinking. "Me? How could a guy be scared of little ol' ME? After all, he's a MAN for Heaven's sake."

In fact, if you're like me, you've probably always thought that if a guy didn't come and introduce himself, he must simply not be interested.

Well, consider this.

According to Scot, the NUMBER ONE issue he hears from guys about is something called "approach anxiety" in the world of men's dating advice.

That's right: The BIGGEST DATING CONCERN guys tend to have is that they are paralyzed by fear of rejection when they see a woman who they find attractive.

Make no mistake...they WISH they could talk to us. But they're AFRAID we'll REJECT them.

Scot says that at least 90-95% of all guys out there generally avoid introducing themselves to women--even when they very much WANT TO.

Further, even if they DO succeed at approaching us, they ALMOST NEVER find the courage to actually ask for our phone number...even if the conversation GOES WELL.

Well, that explains a lot, doesn't it? Like why the Homecoming Queen back in high school didn't have a date to the prom.

Maybe it's all those bad TV commercials where the girls laugh at a guy when he tries a "cheesy pickup line"...if they don't throw they're drink on him in disgust.

You really can't blame a guy for wanting to avoid that.

Yet, I think the TRUTH is that most of us are more that happy to respond to a man who approaches us in a tasteful, dignified manner in a friendly, cordial way, aren't we?

I know I certainly have never thrown a glass of Chardonnay at a guy just for saying "hello"!

So what's a girl to do about all this?

We want guys to be man enough to introduce themselves to us.

Going around starting all the conversations ourselves just doesn't seem like much of a "movie moment" by comparison, does it?

Well...now that we know what's REALLY going on, here are a few simple but very powerful hints for maximizing your chances of actually having a good guy approach you and say "hello".

Follow these steps and it'll go far toward instilling that extra boost of confidence a guy may need to do exactly that:


If a woman is stone-faced--or worse, wearing a scowl instead of a smile--I can't really blame any guy for staying away.

The next time you are out and about, pay careful attention to how you are presenting yourself to the world. Is your countenance welcoming to others, or telling them to keep their distance?


If you are actually talking to others--and seeming like a reasonable, friendly human being in the process--that goes a long way toward cluing a guy in that starting a conversation with you may be a pleasant experience for him also.

Now granted, if you are in a meeting and/or engaged in a heavy-duty conversation with five of your girlfriends you can't really expect a guy to interrupt. That would be rude, anyway.

What I'm referring to here is more in line with day-to-day interactions with waitstaff, the teller at the bank or the lady at the grocery store checkout.

If you seem friendly in those situations, THAT'S what will really cause a guy to take notice and feel comfortable talking to you also!


My goodness...if you are always in a rush to be somewhere how's a guy supposed to get a word in edgewise?

I realize life is hectic, but if you are SO busy, busy, busy all the time then a guy's going to get a strong message that you just cannot be "bothered".

If you can, relax and take time to smell the roses when you are going about your daily errands or out on your lunch hour.

If you can pause and take a deep breath while waiting for your latte in the morning, don't be surprised when guys suddenly start striking up conversations more often.


OK, I understand not wanting to be "forward" or "aggressive". And yes, I've always preferred for guys to take the lead in first-time conversations myself.

But you CAN smile when he makes eye contact with you. You CAN move a bit closer to a guy you'd like to get the attention of. And YES, you can EVEN ask him for the time and see if he makes a conversation of it.

Be INTERESTING, and he'll be INTERESTED. You don't have to be a "wallflower"!

MOST men truly wish that women would indeed make themselves more approachable.

Men almost unanimously agree that were women to do so more often, they'd be much more likely to approach.

So it all comes down to the simple fact that we as women REALLY CAN make a big, big difference when it comes to encouraging great men to introduce themselves.

The only question that really remains is: Do you WANT more "movie moments" in your life?

The choice is yours...more than you may have ever realized.

What are Your thoughts and ideas?

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