Man, do we as guys ever detest hearing the dreaded "Just Be Friends" talk.

As I've told you before, that's what we tend to hear over and over again from women WE like, but whom we've failed to ignite with natural masculinity.

Yeah, we're "nice guys" and "really sweet" and such, but she just doesn't "feel it" for us or she doesn't "like us in that way".

Well, if you've fallen into a pattern of hearing that, then you likely already know that my program The Master Plan is the definitive cure.

And as I alluded to yesterday, it's not the cure that "makes sense" to guys who believe women think like guys, it's what straight-up WORKS.

But check this out.

Have you ever noticed that you (yes YOU) are probably giving women whom YOU feel very little, if any attraction for a form of the "JBF talk" yourself?

Come on now, admit it.

There's been a time or two when a woman you felt NOTHING for somehow latched onto you and decided you were her "future honey".

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ID:	7955Oh, geez Louise. Awkward, isn't it?

So what did you do?

You didn't want to blow her out of the tub and scar her for life, so you were "nice" about it, weren't you?

But you also told her (even if "sort of") that you thought she was cool and all, but you didn't think it was a good idea to "go out" because of [insert excuse here].

Yeah, man. Face "JBFed" her.

For the purposes of this newsletter, let's call that the "JBF-R". You performed that dirty deed that's usually associated with women, but this time the roles were switched.

So what's my point here?

You can learn a metric ton about how YOU react to being "JBFed" by considering how girls you've "JBFed" have reacted to you.

No kidding. It's not a gender-specific dynamic

For starters, women who you give the "JBF-R" talk to do NOT exactly care to be "freinded". It irks and frustrates them every bit as much as it does when a woman "JBFs" you.

What's more, if you've been through enough of a "dry spell" lately that you led her on for a week or two BEFORE ultimately deciding that you didn't like her as more than a friend (or a "booty call", even), don't be surprised if she wants nothing to do with you.

That's nothing more than her self-respect kicking in--and rightly so, if you ask me.

She didn't want to be "just friends". She wanted to be your GIRLfriend.

Assuming that you're tracking with me this far, I ask you this.

Have you ever felt the "pain of rejection" after a woman you've just "JBF-R"ed tells you to "stick it" (or similar)?

I hear from guys all the time who are struggling with those feelings. They usually say something, like, "Man, dude...I didn't even really find this girl all that great and even SHE 'rejected' me after I told her I wasn't so sure I was interested in her as a girlfriend."

Nonsense. Don't you dare feel "rejected".

What's going on there isn't rejection of you by her, if anything SHE'S feeling rejected. She's hitting you with a solid "no thanks" to your "JBF" offer like a friggin' pie in the face. That's what hurt feelings compel women to do.

So then, if your brain wanders in the direction of wondering how you'll ever get a woman you really DO like when you "get rejected" even by women you DON'T really like, you're just letting your mind play tricks on you.

That's 100% a logical fallacy in context.

You didn't like her all that much, she knows it, and she won't allow herself to be even more disappointed. Good for her, actually.

And when you, as the "chooser" you've already proven you are, actually meets a woman worthy of you admiration and attraction, she'll appreciate that--enough to be thrilled.

That's the "law of the jungle", gentlemen. Never, ever measure your ability to succeed with high quality women by how women who ARE NOT to your standards react to your disinterest.

Read that last line again and let it sink in. You may wonder why I need to even write a newsletter devoted to that premise, but years of experience have repeatedly demonstrated how necessary it is to drop a reminder now and then.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!