Last time I talked to you about why the rich get richer... even if the "wealth" we're talking about is success with women.

Today I'm going to to show you how YOU can join their ranks. So let's jump right into that...

OK, then. It goes like this. Years ago, in a former life, I was a sales manager.

At one time I found myself heading up a sales team largely composed of newbie sales reps fresh out of college.

As you might expect, this sales team was pretty hungry. Getting paid a fairly paltry base salary, their livelihoods were very much dependent on making the sale and earning the precious commissions that would feed them another day and pay the rent another month.

On top of the inherent pressure to perform, the vertical market we were selling into was a particularly cutthroat one.

This meant that the competition was both plentiful and relentless.

Truly, there was a legion of immensely talented, business savvy, and battle-hardened veteran sales pros knocking on the same doors as the fresh-faced reps from our shop.

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Name:	money.jpeg
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ID:	5371Not surprisingly, it was exactly those veteran competitors who were closing most of the deals to be had. Actually, to be honest, they were straight-up kicking our butts.

Something had to be done. Youthful exuberance alone was not enough to outlast and outperform wisdom and experience.

That's when it came to me: This situation called for "Millionaire Training".

Now, the concept is hardly original to me. Even before Napoleon Hill's seminal book "Think And Grow Rich" hit the scene, the wealthy men he studied instinctively knew about it. In fact, you could probably trace it back to the dawn of recorded history.

In principle, it's very simple.

In order to become wildly successful someday soon, you must THINK and ACT as if wildly successful TODAY. And you have to have a firmly-held belief that it's so.

Among other things, this means you don't worry about money. You don't stress over finances. You pick up the check this time when you and your buddies hit happy hour, and someone else gets it next time--no more splitting $4 tickets at Taco Bell.

In practice, it's NOT so simple.

When you are a 22-year-old recent college grad driving the same car you used to deliver pizzas part time in and you're shelves are down to the last few packs of ramen noodles, life is pretty much "hand to mouth".

In fact, if you do not sell that Cisco router to ABC Widgets, Inc. you'll likely get evicted by the end of this month from your efficiency apartment. That is, if you don't starve to death first.

So of course, if you're in that situation the sales process becomes very selfish rather quickly. Instead of seeing the customer's human side and focusing on his or her business needs, you scramble for commission checks.

You focus on YOURSELF rather than THEM. And you lose deals.

The plain truth is that people LOVE to buy, but they HATE to be sold.

The more pressure you put on customers to buy, thanks to your rather low position on the Maslow's Hierarchy "totem pole", the more they can tangibly feel that it's all about YOU instead of THEM.

So what does this all have to do with approaching and attracting women?

In a word...EVERYTHING.

Can you apply "Millionaire Training" to your state of mind as far as your dating life goes?

Instead of viewing every woman you see as a means to end your personal social or even sexual pain--as a newbie salesperson would view potential customers as an "ATM Machine" for a quick commission --can you consider yourself the man who will bring immense value to her life?

Instead of clinging with a "death grip" to any woman who shows mild interest in you--as a newbie salesperson would obsess over any potential client who calls back after a cold call--can you believe you have options?

Instead of getting manipulated and taken advantage of in the context of an unhealthy relationship--as a newbie salesperson would let Mr. Customer "beat him up on price" until there was virtually no margin left in the deal--can you walk away from a woman who looks good on the outside but otherwise not right for you at all?

Well, in the case of my sales team, "Millionaire Training", for those reps with the mental discipline to change their thinking, resulted in an almost immediate positive effect on the respect they were receiving in the field.

And this, in turn, caused their intentional decision to believe that they were worthy of professional respect to transform into hard-wired habit sooner than they thought.

From there, sales began to increase and margins began to rise. Within six months two on the team were six-figure wage earners. One even moved into my office when I went on to the next opportunity.

And all of this because they carried themselves in a way that demonstrated to customers that they were already successful.

Women want a sense of security from you as a man. That feeling is best affected by your ability to be man who is confident in his ability to succeed--with them or in any other aspect of your life for that matter.

Moreover, when you portray a low-pressure attitude that can afford to take the time to qualify women without neediness or desperation, they feel even more comfortable with you.

Remember, women follow your leadership. Are you leading them to feel relaxed and safe with you? Are you leading them to understand you as a man with ambition and a confident plan of action?

These are the essential building blocks of initial attraction, similar to how concern for customer needs ahead of commission checks is the secret to high-volume sales.

But this "hidden world" is only open to men who demonstrate to women that they have intrinsic worth, an intriguing story and something to offer.

And it's only open to men who realize that such a man has REAL OPTIONS in his dating life.

Take desperation off the table and replace it with abundance. Think like a "millionaire" when it comes to women.

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