What matters more than looks?

Yes, men talk a lot about looks. And we all know they are visual.

If I had a quarter for every time I've heard that men are visual creatures.... right??


But a curious thing takes place - that throws this theory all to hell.

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Name:	Get-Your-Ex-Girlfriend-Back1.jpg
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ID:	2839A hot man (like Jon Hamm on "Mad Men" for example - oh my what a man)...

Excuse me, as I was saying, a "hot" man marries a "dowdy" woman.

He falls in love with her because... he knows her. They're thrown together every day... at work or in the neighborhood.

So he gets to know the real her.

She's real. She's not a Barbie Doll. She is more comfortable in her garden.

She paints pictures on the weekends and gets paint in her hair.

The hot man becomes smitten with the dowdy woman.

She makes him feel like a hero. It's that simple. And that hard for outsiders to "get."

She knows he is much more than just a pretty face and killer build.

She's been with him in the ups and downs of daily life - at work.

They've formed a close bond. But there's something more -

He is her hero. She gets him. He feels loved for his real self.

She never has to have "the Talk" with him.

She never has to push him to commit. It just happens.

When you see a woman some call "dowdy" or maybe just "plain" as they say...

Then you meet her husband and he's a Hunk - but not the kind who flirts with women who are not his wife...

This is a solid marriage. You've probably noticed couples like this. I can think of many.

Her opinion is the only one that he cares about.

Her approval is the only approval that counts.

Their relationship is Just Between Them - and not outsiders.

Love is full of surprises. I wish you all the surprises of love!

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