Recently I found myself in an establishment that, among other things, provides fingerprinting services.

The vast majority of their clients are either nurses (who must be fingerprinted by law) or people applying for a license to carry a concealed handgun.

Just as I was discussing the finer points of all of this with the lady behind the counter and a couple of other dudes, the door to the "Fingerprinting Department" opened up.

Out walked a young woman who most guys would consider very attractive. She had long black hair and probably weighed about 110 pounds soaking wet.

She was dressed stylishly and was clearly very feminine.

Once she had left the place and the door closed behind her, I said, "Okay. Let's play a game. It's called, 'Nurse Or Gun Totin' Mama'".

After a laugh, one of the other guys said, matter-of-factly, "Well, she's too young to have graduated from nursing school, I'd say."

I agreed.

After a brief pause, the lady working behind the counter somewhat solemnly stated, "Yes. You're both correct. She's getting her concealed carry license."

Just then the proprietor--a large, stereotypically Texan man with a beer belly--emerged from the "Fingerprinting Department", and having overheard the tail end of the conversation took the liberty of chiming in himself.

"You betcha. We're seeing it all the time. Several every day. A bunch of pretty young women are buying guns."

He casually looked down at the counter where the lady was sitting and started rifling through some papers as if looking for something.

Then he looked up and added, "Too many knuckleheads who don't know how to act around 'em."

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Name:	weapon.jpeg
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ID:	5079I let that sink in for a second, and so should you.

These women used to slip pepper spray into their purses.

Now they're packing heat.

Seriously, though...can it really be because guys are "knuckleheads"?

I mean, some of it has to be in case they're jumped by bona fide thugs while hitting the ATM machine after dark. Right?

Well, let me come clean with you about all of this. To be honest, the whole idea of pretty chicks with concealed handguns wasn't exactly a revelation to me as of earlier this week.

I've personally known several women who had familiarized themselves with firearms and owned them.

And yes indeed, it was specifically in case some "knucklehead" got a little too "touchie-feelie" with them.

I've even dated some of those women.

But guess what? I didn't get shot at. Go figure.

Now listen. My educated guess is that little dark haired gal getting fingerprinted that day wasn't out to put a cap in every dude's skull.

In fact, if she isn't already getting buck naked with some guy here and there and riding him like a cowgirl, she will someday...happily.

But you can be darned sure that she knows the difference between THAT guy and the one who might potentially stare down the snub-nosed barrel of her .38 Special.

Do you?

Here's the thing. Both the "knucklehead" and the guy who eventually beholds her glorious buck-nakedness are sexually attracted to her. Both of them would LOVE to have her.

It's just that one guy gets it, and the other doesn't.

The "knucklehead" approaches her as a "target" and tries to "kino" her a bit too much too soon so as to "close the deal" as fast as possible.

And seriously, if he goes over the top pawing her up just a bit too much having had a few too many at the club, she might end up feeling threatened enough to un-conceal what she's carrying.

Really, I can see it now. My guess, based on my experience with "knuckleheads" over the years, is he may react with utter surprise.

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ID:	5080He'll probably think she's a "crazy be-otch" or something, as if she's the one with the problem.

Meanwhile, the OTHER guy will introduce himself in a normal voice and make basic conversation with her.

He'll acknowledge her feminine charm while keeping eighteen inches of space between the two of them.

Once she's comfortable with him and giggling, he'll suggest to her that he give him her number.

He'll call her when he said he would and make plans with her.

She'll show up for that first date because she already likes him and feels safe with him.

And before you know it, she can't resist having sex with him.

Now listen, don't get carried away. I'm a fellow dude and I completely understand that it's a very, very small minority of us who are the kind of full-on "knuckleheads" who inspire women to carry pistols.

The rest of us are decent guys who respect women and mean well.

But the reason why this article is potentially useful to most of us is because there's a LOT of "knucklehead" pickup advice being proffered out there.

And the message seems to be that you just might be able to push the "knucklehead" envelope a tiny bit with women and get away with it.

The hope there, apparently, is that'll help speed things along.

Take the advice of The Most Interesting Man in the World from the beer commercials: "I assure you...most women would not consider 'speed' a virtue."

The point here is that you shouldn't really ever feel compelled to be even 1% "knucklehead". You don't have to be that all.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!