This is going to be a relatively short article, but it's going to pack a wallop, for sure.

I usually talk about "TGR-R", or "The Golden Rule, Reversed".

Essentially, it's a brilliant way to make sure you never get manipulated by anyone EVER again, and it goes like this:

"When someone seeks to do something unto me, ask myself, 'Would I ever do likewise unto someone else?' If the answer is NO WAY, then don't tolerate it being done to me either."

Problem solved. Once the "TGR-R" is applied, one should never be manipulated from that day forward.

But here's the thing. Apparently, it's not exactly working out to spec for some guys.

Even though they KNOW how to avoid manipulation at the cognitive level, in the real world they're still being jerked around by women all the time.

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Well, the answer is very simple: What's opening a big hole in the armor is pure, vain arrogance.

That's right. I said it.

You see, a gifted manipulator who is charming actually searches out arrogance in his or her victim...and preys on it.

Being the inherently dangerous person I've written about in the past, a "big three", she's confident, irresistibly feminine and can easily lull you into a false sense of security.

But lacking character, she seeks to use those traits against you for her own selfish purposes, whereas the true "big four" woman would have your best interests at heart as you would hers as a "big four" man.

So then, there are two VERY fertile places where she can freely sow the seeds of manipulation.

One is where the prospective victim is overly optimistic and benevolent, and therefore gullible.

Rest assured that your awareness of "TGR-R" has forever solved that one for you.

But the OTHER type of guy she's looking for is a kind-hearted but arrogant one.

In other words, she's looking for a great guy whose ego has been over-inflated to believe he is immune to the manipulator, even if her track record is nothing short of plainly obvious.

The prospective victim somehow believes he's different and therefore "better" than the manipulator's previous victims, and so the bad things that built the manipulator's reputation won't happen to him or her.

Perhaps he thinks he'll "tame the shrew" because he's so supremely charming compared to those other guys.

Or maybe he just sees himself as such a badass that he'll recognize and parry any manipulative patterns before she can ever blindside him with them.

All I can say to any and all of that is that being arrogant is ALWAYS a mistake.

Thinking oneself somehow "better" than anyone who would place you in an adversarial position invariably causes you to voluntarily surrender personal strength.

Read that last sentence a few times if it didn't quite hit you like a ton of bricks the first time.

Here's the short version to sum up: If you recognize that she's a manipulator, RUN AWAY. Even engaging in a "pissing contest" with her will always sap your energy and resources without exception, even IF you manage to avoid being taken by her.

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