The other night I was on the phone with a truly great guy who's going through a tough time in his life right now.

Despite being a man who's got just about every logical strength going for him in this life, the love of his life has left him.

And needless to say he really, really wants to get her back.

Well, we experienced a breakthrough while talking. And what I'm about to spill here applies whether you've got an ex you want to win back, a woman you're currently seeing or simply a woman
you'd like to start dating.

You know, that guy who's confident, masculine in the way women define it, able to make a woman feel safe and comfortable in his presence, and who has strong character.

You've also heard me discuss the whole idea of being a high quality man instead of doing a series of items on some checklist in order to create attraction, right?

The bottom line? You can't talk any woman into being attracted to you.

In other words, you can't focus your energy on appealing to her sense of reason and expect to get anywhere when it comes to relationships.

That's because at the most fundamental, baseline level attraction is a feeling rather than a thought process.

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Name:	beg 3.jpg
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ID:	7758In that respect, it's much like a religious argument whether or not a woman is attracted to you or not.

Imagine a devout Catholic and a Sunni Muslim sitting down together to debate whose worldview is more worthy of lifelong faith.

Can you imagine either one of those guys successfully converting the other to his way of thinking during such a conversation?

Most likely not. If you've ever been handed a pamphlet exhorting you to change your religious belief on the spot, you don't need me to tell you it probably wouldn't work.

The truth is that if you want to convert the masses to your way of believing, you've got to live your life in a way that makes others naturally want the peace, energy, success, happiness, etc. that you have.

In other words, it's all based on emotional response rather than logical debate.

Guess what? Getting a woman to like you is exactly like that. In essence, if you'll pardon my rather rough analogy, you really are out to convert her.

Stay with me here--especially you guys who'd like to reunite with an ex-girlfriend, because what I'm giving you here is golden.

Most guys go horribly wrong in such instances by trying to use pure logic to win the heart of a woman.

But that's not how it works.

She may even already know in her mind that you're a "nice guy", that you have a good job, that you'd make a nice daddy for her future kids, or even that you're handsome, play guitar really well, etc.

But until she "feels it" for you, all of her logic will be tied to supporting her emotional state of mind.

You've got it. People make emotional decisions...and then attempt to support them with logical reasons.

Maybe you yourself have done this in the past. Perhaps you wanted a new motorcycle, and came up with reasonable excuses for spending the money on what is an inherently unnecessary purchase.

Or maybe tickets to the big game were dropped in your lap, which happened to fall on the same night as a previous commitment. You likely rationalized why you should go to the game instead.

This is exactly how women are processing their feelings for you.

And's why good women end up with men who are wrong for them, even as a "great guy" or two is left on the sidelines to watch.

Women either like you or they don't. Seriously, it's as dead-simple as that.

Like vs. dislike is that emotional decision. From there, whatever sense of logic they have falls into line with their emotions.

That's why trying to talk a woman into liking you will never, ever work.

Now, here's an extra-critical point that I don't want you to miss.

It absolutely matters not whether any particular woman seems to have a rational ability to make good decisions, or otherwise.

In fact, she can be downright flaky, if not completely irrational and impossible to predict. Heck, she can even be flat-out clinically insane and living in a wholly separate reality of her own.

None of that matters because whether her logic is flawed or not, it's all going to be aimed at supporting her emotional mindset of liking you or not liking you.

Can you grasp that?

I've personally watched guys spend hours and hours dissecting and analyzing a woman's thoughts, words, actions and even behavioral patters in an attempt to make the right chess move to get her back into their lives.

It's as if by figuring out how her logical mind works, they'll somehow crack the code to doing the right thing to get her to decide to come back...or decide to go out with him to begin with, if that's the applicable scenario.

As you might imagine, the more irrational a particular woman's thought and behavior patterns tend to be, the more frustration a guy is going to experience trying to figure out what to say or do to get her back.

But the problem is that she will never, ever decide anything relative to her level of attraction for you.

As David DeAngelo used to say, "Attraction is not a choice". What I've now done for you (perhaps ironically) is give you a logical reason why it's all about emotional feelings.

Figuring out what to do in response to a woman's moves, what to say, what action to take, whether to call or not is all utterly, irrelevant vis-à-vis getting on the right side of that emotional decision.

And yes, like I talked about above your first impression matters also. Confidence, style, how you move.

It's about BEING instead of DOING.

There's no sense in trying to figure her out or to talk her into why she should be with you.

Rather, live as a man who makes women horny without them even understanding why themselves. That's the only way to go.

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