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Discover How to Get Your Ex Back Fast With Proven Plan




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  • Discover How to Get Your Ex Back Fast With Proven Plan

    This guide is not only going to help you get your ex back, but also help you rediscover yourself.

    In summary, we can say that getting your ex back is divided into three phases that are:
    • Re-building
    • Re-Attracting
    • Re-Uniting

    Here is a breakdown of the three phases and what we'll cover in this guide:

    Phase 1. Re-Building: From Rejected to Reinvented
    • How to Stop Moping and Start Living Again!
    • How To Shift The Power Back From Your Ex!
    • How To Regain Your Confidence And Make Yourself So Irresistible To Your Ex Again
    • How To Take Care Of Yourself During A Breakup And Become The You Of Your Dreams!

    Phase 2. Re-Attracting: Getting Them Back
    • Re-Creating The Original Attraction Your Lover Had For You
    • A simple method for getting your ex to think about you all the time!
    • Exactly when to contact your ex and what to say including strategies for texting, email & meeting-up in person
    • The biggest mistake most people make when trying to get back with their ex and how to avoid it!
    • ...and much, much more!

    Phase 3. Re-Uniting: Keeping Them for Good
    • What to do after you get your ex back and how to keep them in your life for good!
    • The 6 easy steps to make sure you'll never break up again!
    • Creating a healthy, fulfilling and fully-functional relationship so that you are both happier than ever!
    • How to write your new future with your ex so that you stay together happily ever after!

    Phase 1. Re-Building: From Rejected to Reinvented

    How to Stop Moping and Start Living Again

    Dealing with break up is never easy; it can send you into a tailspin.

    No doubt, the emotional pain caused by break ups is severe. More often than not, this pain is even worse than physical pain. Unlike physical pain, you have no idea when it's going to end. Emotional pain feels like it will never end.

    This is mostly the case if the way the relationship ended was not mutual, or if you want your ex back.

    Moping is not allowed.

    It's natural for you to want to put your head in the sand like an ostrich when you are coping with the emotional pain of a break up, or to pull the bed covers over your head and never come out.

    It's okay to feel depressed for awhile, but don't continue this way for a long time. Therefore if it's been a couple of days, weeks or even months since the breakup, then you need to stop feeling downtrodden and depressed and start living your life again. I know this is difficult to do, so I'll tell you how to go about it.

    How To Start Living Again

    The following 4 steps will help you to get over the emotional pain of the breakup and start living your life again.

    Let it All Out

    The first step to coping with a breakup is to let out all your emotions. Your emotion after a breakup can be sad, angry, mad or frustrated; you need to let out whatever emotions you are feeling. Let your friends know what you are going through emotionally. Write down your thoughts using means like journal or online blog. If you want to happy with your life again, you must deal with these emotions.

    Hit the Town

    Feeling miserable and depressed is doing you more harm than good. To get your life back on track, you need to stop sitting around the house and get out. Hang out with your friends and have fun. Go to the mall or go see a movie with your friends. If you are like partying, then go to the clubs and bars. You just need to do things that make you happy, and the best way to achieve that is to get out of the house and hang out with your friends.
    Meet New People

    One of the best ways to deal with a breakup is to meet new people. This doesn't imply that you should go into a romantic relationship with someone else. You simply need to make new friends and probably go on a date with them. This will help to take your mind off the breakup and your ex, and open you mind to new possibilities. An easy way to get back on your feet after a breakup is by meeting new people.

    Give Yourself Time

    This is the last step and it's the most important. You must know that you aren't going to get over your breakup overnight, so you need to give yourself time. Dealing with a breakup and the emotional pains that comes with it isn't something you can get over in just a matter of days like some people assume. The fact is, it's impossible to get over a breakup that fast. The emotional pains you are feeling now will come to an end when you give yourself enough. Giving yourself more time is the only way to get over the breakup.

    It's common with a lot of people to tend to bottle up their emotions when coping with a breakup. They think that by concealing their emotions they will be able to deal with the breakup. The fact is, bottling up your emotions will do you more harm than good. So, an easy way to let out your emotions is to stop sitting around the house and go out to meet new people. Also, hanging out with friends will help you. you need time to be alone and to grieve.

    If you follow the four steps outlined above, you'll be able to deal with the split up.

    How To Shift The Power Back From Your Ex

    What if there is a way to regain your power back from your ex, won't it be nice? Would it boost your confidence? Would it guarantee you a second chance with your ex?

    If so, then read this carefully as I'll be revealing to you a proven and tested step you can implement to achieve that.

    However before we talk about the steps you can use to shift the power back from your ex, let's first talk about relationships. Relationships are somewhat of a power struggle, right? You feel amazing when everything is all right in the relationship. However, a split up can make you feel as though there is a part of you that has been taken away by your ex that you need to reclaim. It's imperative that you get your power back because it belongs to no other person but you. If this power remains with your ex, you will feel incompetent to go into another relationship in the future and sometimes your chosen career.
    The first thing you must do is to accept the breakup. It's important you embrace this. Not for the sake of your ex, but for your sake. Despite the fact that it's difficult to not have the one you love around you, it's imperative that you realize were losing yourself.

    Tell your ex that the breakup was a good idea. You must agree to the breakup regardless of if you both decided to separate for good or just take a break from each other. The only way to make this effective is to believe it yourself. So you have to convince yourself that this decision is for the good of you both.

    Next, you must be patient after doing this and letting your lover know. There won't be any drastic change; hence you need to take things slow. You must allow the reality of this to hit your partner. Most people give up at this point because they believe that once they agree to the breakup, their significant other is suppose to come running back. That's not the way it works.

    Persistence is the key just like with every situation in life. For the time being, don't sit around doing nothing but rather start doing things to develop and improve yourself. Everyone loves someone who has their own identity; someone who knows themselves. This along with you in agreement to the separation and giving them time apart will make you get back your power, and it's a powerful tactics to make your ex come crawling back to you.

    How To Regain Your Confidence And Make Yourself So Irresistible To Your Ex Again

    It has never been easy going through a breakup; it can definitely change your thought about yourself and your view on the world around you. All of a sudden, white is black, black is white, and your entire existence is ruined. The person you built your world around betrayed you and there seem to be no way out.

    Is it surprising that you are feeling downtrodden right now? The split up has caused you to lose your confidence and it feels as though you are going to remain this way.

    A lot of people make mistakes at this point. Losing your confidence makes you become unsure, tentative and most importantly gives so much power to your ex. This isn't intentional on their part, it's simply human nature. They become more confident when we are less confident. In the long run, we accept whatever decision they make on us. While they may get upset whenever we call them, a phone call from them makes us happy. It's amazing how that works!

    Did I point out that this is a position of disadvantage?

    Situation like this constrain you to limited options because all the power has been shifted to your ex, you can't decide what happens after the breakup. Your ex can act the way they want and can either choose to be with you or not - in contrast, you are left afraid to contact them because you know their response will be negative.

    However, is getting that confidence back attainable? Can you build self-esteem even at a position of disadvantage? Emphatically yes!

    First, you need to start by moving far away from your ex and that environment for the time being. If you keep on contacting them and trying to get them to change their mind about the breakup, it will be more or less impossible to focus on anything else.
    Instead, why not spend time with friends and go back to how you used to live your life before you met your ex? Wouldn't it nice to back to when you weren't in a relationship? A time you were single and happy? You can still get that back; and even more important, your confidence back.

    Reminisce about those things you used to do that makes you happy before you started dating your ex. Whether it was traveling, clubbing, sports, pursuing hobbies or socializing - this is the right time to begin engaging in those things again in order to make yourself happy and get your life back. The truth is that, getting your confidence back will be impossible if you keep feeling miserable.
    Amazingly, the moment you start doing this, you will reclaim the power back from your ex. Let me tell you, it's a nice position to be. In a short time, you'll realize that you don't feel as heartbroken as you were. They will realize that you have moved on and you seem to be happy with your life. This is the exact opposite of what they expect from you, so they won't like this.

    Soon, you'll notice that your ex is going to start drawing closer to you. Hey, they can't do otherwise unless they truly wanted you out of their life for good - and that's unlikely. If they were playing any mind game and felt they had power over you, it's now history because you can approach them with confidence and feel like an equal. This is only when things can progress.

    You'll have few choices after a breakup if you lose confidence and self-esteem. Take a break and you'll see it makes a lot of difference.

    How To Make Yourself So Irresistible To Your Ex Again

    The first thought that comes to your mind when it comes to making yourself irresistible to your ex is to dress attractive and parade yourself in from of them. This might work but it doesn't guarantee a lasting relationship. The best thing to do is to make yourself attractive to your ex on various levels in order to make them go crazy and so they won't want to lose you to someone else - ever! But how can you do this?

    You begin by being so happy with yourself, by yourself, that you really don't care about their existence anymore. What? Yes, you need to stop focusing on them and start focusing on making yourself happy first. If you do this, then you'll naturally attract them back to you. Why does this work? There are two reasons why this works. One, it tends to reverse psychology - being happy without your ex will drive them nuts. They will become inquisitive, and thus making you irresistible to them. And two, it's a natural instinct for us to want what we can't have. So, if you are happy without them, they will think you have moved on and don't want them anymore (which isn't exactly true) and their natural instinct will be to try to win your heart back.

    So, while you're making effort to make yourself happy without them, you should as well work on things that will get them attracted to you. Dress in a manner that makes you feel great about yourself. That way, you'll be looking good if you accidentally bump into your ex. Also, if their friends run into you, they'll definitely tell your ex that you are looking more attractive that you used to be. It will make them anxious about you, knowing that they'll lose you to someone else if they don't take necessary steps to reconcile with you immediately.

    You must do whatever makes you feel confident. This obviously doesn't include sitting in front of the television all day waiting for a call from your ex. It simply means you need to go out and engage yourself with something you've always loved to do. It's even better if you choose something that you ex restricted you from doing. It will boost your confidence and make you feel courageous. It will as well drive your ex nuts when they get to know about it. What your ex want is for you to sit around waiting their call. But guess what? If you are happy living your life without them, it means you might have someone else you are seeing. And even if your ex thinks they don't want you back, they won't want you to be in the arms of someone else either!

    How To Take Care Of Yourself During A Breakup And Become The You Of Your Dreams!

    Truth is, there is no easy breakup!

    Your health and wellbeing can be adversely affected by a breakup if you aren't careful. A few years ago, I completely lost myself when my relationship ended. So, I know exactly what you are going through, but, reminiscing about all I went through with clarity and more confidence, I can conclusively say that a breakup depends so much on the love you have for yourself. You'll allow a breakup destroy you when you have little love for yourself.

    Now, let me tell you a little about what I went through during my breakup. It wasn't easy, but I was able to go through my breakup with my partner of four and half years because of certain things I did. I thought I will die, I felt like the best years of my life have been ruined. Well, one thing I took into consideration was that I'm very dramatic sometimes, then before long I had a clear view about things and I came to the realization that this was all about my perspective. My point of view about my situation was totally wrong. So, rather than seeing the end of my relationship as taking away vital years of my life and 'running' me, I made a decision to turn it around for myself and began seeing the breakup as concerning me and my life, making myself believe that the breakup was for my good and that it was the universe redirecting me to my purpose in life. So I never saw it as something negative anymore, and convinced myself to believe that it was a positive and beautiful transition of life to enhance my personal growth and gain more experience in life.

    How do you rekindle love in your relationship after a breakup? In order to go back to the beginning of your relationship when your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend first fell in love with you, you must heighten your feelings of attraction and confidence.

    You'll agree with me that you are more attracted to someone whose appearance looks gorgeous than someone who care less about their looks. You don't have to look like a movie star to catch the attention of your ex.

    However, you must take time out to take care of your health and appearance. This is about bringing out your best and isn't about becoming the most beautiful or handsome person in the room.

    That may seem easier said than done when you're going through the emotional pains of a breakup, but taking the right steps can put you in a good emotional state. Taking care of yourself may be difficult, but you must start with this important first step if you want your ex to be attracted to you.

    It's very crucial you take care of yourself, because when you take care of you, you exude a vibe that everyone can feel but can't see. It works like a magnet and attracts good people to you. This is the basic step to get your ex back.

    However, you can make this even more effective by altering your appearance. You need to break the pattern and have a personal transformation by changing your looks from when you were together.

    There are several things you can do to look, sound and even smell different. So that when you contact and meet your ex again they are going to feel more attracted to you.

    Psychologically speaking, this makes you start on fresh ground. This process is however unconscious. When the change shows that we care so much for yourself, it has a greater effect. For example, if you were to clear up your acne, lose weight or get your teeth whitened.

    In addition, when you take care of you it boosts your confidence which is sexually arousing.

    Here are some tips to help you take care of your body, mind and soul while experiencing the pain of a breakup. (Don't just see them as tips but as little reminders.)

    Change Your Appearance Positively

    Remember, your goal is to "break the pattern" and you can do that in several low-cost ways to make a transformation in your looks. Another goal you must bear in mind is to focus on YOURSELF. Transforming your appearance to look gorgeous and making use of some of the items below will make your ex see a new you as well as skyrocket your self-worth and confidence.
    • Get new clothes. You don't have to spend a large amount of money. Simply get outfits that are in style right now. This will make you feel great about what you are wearing.
    • Change your hairstyle. This will definitely give you a fresh look.
    • Whiten your teeth. You can get your teeth whitened from a dentist very inexpensively.
    • Get your body in shape. You need to cultivate the habit of exercising 30 - 45 minute daily. If you already have a gym membership, this is the right time to make use of it.

    Change your Mentality Positively
    Making positive changes in your appearance is the first step to win him or her back. The fact is, when you feel good about your looks, it gives your confidence a boost and so prevent the feelings of desperation and neediness which kills attraction. Acting desperate or needy will make you lose your ex for good. However, if you want your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back, taking care of your mental health is something you must take seriously.

    There are several techniques to help you feel emotionally balanced after going through a painful breakup. Below are ideas to help you recover from the trauma of a breakup, read through them and decide which one will be of help to you.

    1. Give Yourself Some Time To Grieve. It's necessary that you take time to grieve everyday for your loved one until you feel at ease. You can't separate tears from your healing process, hence allow yourself to cry to the extent that you want. The emotional burden that comes with grief will be completely wiped away when you let the tears flow. If you feel uncomfortable crying in public, find a secret place like your home or car. You can also call a friend that will give you time to express your pain and let out your tears. During grief, it's so amazing that we utilize a lot of tears. Simple things can make us cry, so ensure you drink lots of water because you get dehydrated when you cry.

    Time is a great healer, so giving yourself time to grieve your breakup is important. Get over the emotional trauma and give yourself time to decide what you want to do with your life. You will be making a huge mistake if you begin a new relationship without first getting over the previous one. Take time to take care of yourself, enjoy things you have always loved to do or try something new, hang around family and friend and have a good time just being you.

    Moreover, if you give yourself time to heal from the emotional trauma, you will realize that you can make better decisions and you'll no longer feel down trodden.

    2. Write It Down. Writing down your feelings and fears helps you to let them go. When you write down negative feelings, you know exactly what's bothering you and allows you to move on rather than dwelling on them.

    You can write down your feelings using a journal, a notebook or just some paper. If you are finding it difficult to start, write like you are writing a letter to your parents, a sibling, or a close friend. This will make it easy for you.

    One of the best tips to get over mild depressed feelings is to write in your private journal. Journaling won't work for everyone, but trying it will enable you decide if it's for you.

    3. Go Out With Friends. Hang out with friends and catch up with your family. Make your friends help you out by going out with them. This is the best time to lean on your friends because they will make you feel better. Those things you usually do with your ex, do them with your friends. In essence, your friends should be your new partner. Do you miss your ex when you sleep alone? Go sleep with your best friend. Do you miss hanging out with your ex and going to your preferred eatery? Plan a date with your friends and find a new restaurant. Partners are similar to friends; they are all special relationships.

    4. Avoid Self-Indulgent Habits: You must avoid drinking, smoking, eating too much or fooling around. No doubt, eating can to some extent brighten you up, but you'll eventually gain a lot of weight in the process. This isn't the time to get out of shape, because it's going to make you look awful and thereby making you depressed.

    Also, you must stay away from alcohol. The fact is that alcohol act as a depressant; it only makes you feel good about yourself in the short term but eventually causes more pain. Besides, you still have to deal with the resultant hangovers, headaches as well as drunken dialing. So, you won't get any short or long term benefit from these unrestrained behaviors.

    The Next Step

    Once you have made effort to take care of yourself, you need to make it a routine.

    You'll need to continue taking care of yourself while you proceed to the next step. In fact, these are all good habits that will impact your lifestyle positively.

    You'll attract many people to you when you exude energy and confidence. You will be amazed at how soon your ex will come crawling back to you when you are positive and healthy.

    However, it's not yet time to approach your ex. In the next section we'll talk about how to re-attract your ex back and get them back.

    Phase 2. Re-Attracting: Getting Them Back

    Re-Creating The Original Attraction Your Lover Had For You

    You've most likely heard the adage that attraction isn't a choice. There are various level in which people are attracted to others - we are even unaware of many of these. Most times, the attraction between people is illogical, yet it exists. If your lover decided to end the relationship, there is a possibility that they still have feelings for you, but the level of attraction they feel may not be the same as before.

    But what if there is a way to bring back those initial feelings? What if you could ignite the flames of desire in your ex again? How long do you think it would take for your ex to come back to you?

    Understand something: regardless of the reason you ex gave for the breakup, they left you for one reason: they don't feel attracted to you any longer.

    This attraction could be physical, mental or emotional. Ultimately, you weren't desirable to you ex anymore. You lost the value you had when the relationship started. The things that attracted your ex to you, and made him or her want to date you? They are no longer there, at least for the time being.

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      Jerome, The 3 phase in this article will help you get her back, so put it to work.

    • Lily
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      The thing is I was with my ex for 1 year we used to lived together, the thing is that i got pregnant i'm 3 month old and the things is that I started to freak the fuck up that was never the plan i wasnt planing on having a baby, but he always wanted to be a father so i decided to give it a try, but I was still nervous about it and with the whole hormones changes i started to feel sooooooo confused and sad i felt like getting depression. Me and my ex used to live very far away from my family so i started to feel alone and i decided to fly back home with my family and I left him alone we didnt break up but i felt that was the right decision for the moment t the first week we used to text all the time and call each other constantly, but after a few days thing strated to fade away I missed him soooo much and things strated to went wrong one day I saw a picture on facebook with him and another girl getting lunch together and i decided to break up with him becouse i felt betrayed i blocked him of all social media and he contact me the same day we talk and we started to figure things up, unfortunately then he decided to dumped me becouse of living him alone . I started the no contact face but i dont know if things will be ever the same even with my baby on the way ....We have so much to discuss according to the baby that its feels almost imposible trying not to talk to him. i have beg and beg for and opportunity but he feels that its wrong for us to be togheter again even with a baby on the way ...

    • LoveAdmin
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      Lily, Sorry to hear that. It won't be an easy journey ahead, but stay strong, okay? Employ the 30-day “no contact” rule first and let your ex miss you.
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  • Discover How to Get Your Ex Back Fast With Proven Plan
    This guide is not only going to help you get your ex back, but also help you rediscover yourself.

    In summary, we can say that getting your ex back is divided into three phases that are:
    • Re-building
    • Re-Attracting
    • Re-Uniting

    Here is a breakdown of the three phases and what we'll cover in this guide:

    Phase 1. Re-Building: From Rejected to Reinvented
    • How to Stop Moping and Start Living Again!
    • How To Shift The Power Back From Your Ex!
    • How To Regain Your
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