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The Net That Guys Who Are Virgins Tend To Get Trapped In




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  • The Net That Guys Who Are Virgins Tend To Get Trapped In

    I'm not going to admit to how often I get letters that read similarly to the following, because it's just too staggering a number:

    "I hate women, I hate you for saying nice things about them in your articles, and I firmly believe every last one of them is going to betray me and take me for everything I've got. ...By the way, I'm still a virgin. Can you get me laid?"

    Now, I trust that when you read the title of this monster you weren't expecting me to go on some rant about Richard Branson or his gig. I mean, he's a badass and all, but enough about that, already.

    Instead, I'm going to talk about the net that guys who are virgins--and frustrated about it--tend to get trapped in.

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    Indeed, like a sea turtle haplessly ensnared by a fisherman's net, the more he tries to wriggle free, the more tangled up he gets.

    What starts this whole unfortunate train of events?

    For those of us living in modern Western culture, it really starts as soon as we hit puberty but are yet socially discouraged (even prohibited) from sexual activity until when we're much older...say, when we're out of school and "responsible".

    Now, I'm not for a second advocating that children start having sex at an early age. But from a purely physical standpoint, things are what they are.

    Our physical bodies are screaming to our brains to go out there and "get some". But generally speaking, that just isn't going to happen for most guys...for YEARS.

    So then, what happens sooner than later is what typically happens ANY time a human being is denied what he or she wants for a period time. The craving grows STRONGER and STRONGER.

    And as more time passes, the vision of realizing a satisfying conclusion to that craving becomes HARDER and HARDER to believe in.

    It all starts sounding "too good to be true".

    That's why people who grow up poor have a harder time believing they can make good money. That's why people who've been stuck in one place their whole life can't see themselves traveling the world.

    And's why guys who don't solve the mystery of what naked girls and sex are like at an early age have a tougher and tougher time finding out as they get older.

    But that's not where it stops, of course.

    As a guy who's not having sex feels the pain of deprivation even as other men around him get their fill, shame starts setting in.

    That creates negative feelings about sex, which only exacerbates the condition.

    And next, it all turns to bitterness.

    Somewhere, somehow...the great void in his life that should by rights be occupied by sex starts to be seen as having been CAUSED by women themselves.

    Bitterness breeds victimhood, and victimhood by definition breeds blame.

    The problem is therefore is all THEIR FAULT...those be-yotches.

    Before you know it, full on misogynistic HATE for all women sets in.

    But of course, that doesn't solve the longing for sexual satisfaction.

    So at that point, ironically enough, the ONLY purpose for having to endure the distaste of interacting with women is so he can potentially get his rocks off.

    Well, that and to exact REVENGE...getting them back for all of that "rejection" over the years.

    And naturally, women aren't so interested in a guy like that...especially the ones who actually LIKE and RESPECT men.

    So the drought worsens. And to make matters worse, there are plenty of pick-up books and programs out there that are happy to feed his negative emotions and urge him on.

    But the truth is plain as day.

    Because of the way he views women, the "self-fulfilling prophecy" is in full effect. All he ever encounters is distaste and vitriol from women...all of whom are merely following HIS lead.

    Meanwhile, the guys who have remained positive toward women enjoy the company of the highest quality ones, complete with a full complement of feminine gifts lavished upon them.

    But back at Virgin Net, the "battle of the sexes" rages. It's "us vs. them" all the way...until, at last, and against all odds, the dude finally gets his Willie wet.

    At that point, the net has been cut through and the guy is finally free.

    Or is he? He's spent a lifetime forming his habits and beliefs about women, and those old ways of thinking and doing die hard.

    So if you've found yourself to still be a virgin into your 20s, 30s or even beyond, what can you do?

    Well, for starters you may be tempted to respond to this article in anger and frustration. I urge you not to do that, because I'm actually on your side. Remember always...seeing the forest for the trees in ANY complex situation is typically step one.

    The second step is to realize something VERY powerful: When you see consistent patterns in how people (especially women) interact with you, realize that YOU are the one driving that pattern.

    I realize this is counter-intuitive. After all, if everyone behaves in a certain way, shouldn't that simply prove that all people are alike?

    Oddly, the opposite is true. Everyone is an individual, and therefore there's an infinite number of personalities out there. That can only mean that if EVERYONE is responding to you in a predictable way, YOUR personality is the only common denominator.

    So yes...shoot daggers of hate in the direction of women, even subliminally, and you'll almost invariably get them shot back to you in return.

    It could even be argued that since women are hard wired to follow a man's lead, it's all the more crucial that our interactions with them be formed so as to elicit the response we'd prefer.

    So yes...ADMIT to yourself that sexual frustration has jaded you a bit, and open your mind to the notion that YOU might be the one with the power to fix it.

    And THEN, as the next step force yourself to at least TEST the notion that women might not be your enemy after all.

    I fully realize it's HARD to stop focusing on sex when you haven't yet experienced it, but it's ALL-IMPORTANT that you think of women as fellow human beings, and give them a chance to show you the deeper worth they have to us as men.

    From there, simply watch as good things start to happen.

    Yes, you may need a style makeover. Sure, you may need to work on some social skills. Either or both of those factors may or may not apply.

    But FOR SURE, you'll need to be optimistic with regard to women. Bitterness will never, ever lead to gratifying relationships with them.

    Whatever you take away from this article, put at the top of the list that this is NOT "us vs. them". As unlikely as it may seem to you right now, women are on our team...and yes, they want sex as much as you do.

    As for me, I assure you that I'm not some sort of traitor for actually liking women and assuming the best from them.

    I'm simply a guy who's embraced the solutions I've put forth for you here...and they've worked like gangbusters, even for a normal guy like me.

    Meanwhile, the fact that I get e-mails from so many guys who cannot suspend their disbelief that my wife and I are happy together betrays their loneliness...and wow, it takes a lot of patience in that state to wait around for schadenfreude to become reality.

    Like I explained in a recent article, for ANY man who chooses to remain bitter toward women it's important that what I teach fails. Not because it doesn't work, but because a negative attitude like that NEEDS for it not to work.

    Don't live like that. Don't be that guy. Cut through the Virgin Net
    and swim free in a sea of feminine amazingness.

    What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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    • The Net That Guys Who Are Virgins Tend To Get Trapped In
      I'm not going to admit to how often I get letters that read similarly to the following, because it's just too staggering a number:

      "I hate women, I hate you for saying nice things about them in your articles, and I firmly believe every last one of them is going to betray me and take me for everything I've got. ...By the way, I'm still a virgin. Can you get me laid?"

      Now, I trust that when you read the title of this monster you weren't expecting me
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